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Austrian climber Barbara Zangerl redpointing Chikane, 8c+ at Siurana in Spain
Photo by Jacopo Larcher
Barbara Zangerl in Campus Board training
Photo by archive Gimme Kraft
Barbara Zangerl
Photo by Giulio Malfer
Barbara Zangerl picking up air time on Prinzip Hoffnung, Bürser Platte, Austria in March 2014
Photo by Johannes Mair / Alpsolut
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Barbara Zangerl climbs 8c+ at Siurana in Spain


Austrian climber Barbara Zangerl has redpointed Chikane, her first 8c+ sports climb, at the Spanish crag Siurana.

8c+ sport climb. 8B boulder. Dangerous trad climbs up to the legendary E9 and E10 mark. And some of the most famous 8b+ multi-pitch climbs littered along the smoothest and steepest rock faces throughout Europe and up El Capitan in Yosemite, USA… Put more simply, ascents which are very close to the maximum limit in all of these “disciplines”.

In order to excel in all these facets of the climbing universe one needs something truly special and, understandably, there are few climbers in the world who can boast such a wide-ranging curriculum. As it happens, this feat was achieved yesterday by the reserved Austrian Barbara Zangerl who, usually, prefers to let her actions speak for her. The news just in therefore is that the 28-year-old from Bludenz managed to repeat Chikane, her first 8c+. With this ascent she is, without a shadow of doubt, one of this sports most talented all-rounders.

First female ascent of Alpine Trilogy
2013 Kaisers neue Kleider (Wilder Kaiser) (6c+,7c+,8a+/b,7b+,8b+,8a,6b,8b+,6c)
2013 Silbergeier (Rätikon) (8b,7c+,8a+,7a+,8b+,7c+)
2012 End of Silence (Berchtesgaden) (7a+,6c,6a+,6a,7b+,7c+,7b,8b,8b/+,7c,7a+)

2016 Zodiac, El Capitan, Yosemite (5.13d)
2016 New Age (7a, 7c, 8a+, 7a+, 7b)
2016 Golden Shower Verdon (7a+,8b+,8b+,7c+/8a)
2015 El Nino, El Capitan, Yosemite (5.13c, 8 days ascent together with Jacopo Larcher)
2015 Unendliche Geschichte (Rätikon) (6a,6b+,6c+,7b+,7c+,8b,8b+,6b,7a+,6b,7b+,7a)
2015 Bellavista (Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Dolomites) (7b,6c+,6a+,7a+,7b,8b+,7c+/8a,7a,6c,6b Via Cassin to the top)
2015 La Ramirole, Verdon (8a+,8a,8b,8a+,7a)
2014 Moonlight Buttress, team ascent (Zion-Utah) (5.12+)
2012 Super Cirill, Ticino (7a+,7a+,7b+,7c+,6a+,8a/+, 6c+,6c,6a+)
2012 Delicatessen, Corsica (8b,7c+,7c,8a,6c)
2011 Hotel Supramonte, Sardinia (7b+,7c+,8b,8a+,8b,7c,7a+,7b,7b,7b,6b)
2010 Via Acacia, Rätikon (7+,9,9-,8-,9-,9-,7+,8,9+)

8b E9/10

2014 FFA Prinzip Hoffnung (Vorarlberg)

E9/6c (r8b)
2016 first repeat Achemine (Dumbarton / Scotland)

E8/6b (r8a)
2016 Requiem (Dumbarton / Scotland)

2017 Chikane (Siurana)

2016 Harry’s dirty brother (Vorarlberg)
2015 Helel Ben Schachar (Vorarlberg)


2016 Standhaft (Vorarlberg)
2015 Schwarzer Schwan (Ötztal)
2015 Nobody is perfect
2014 Mind control (Oliana)
2014 Fish eye (Oliana)
2011 Erntezeit (Vorarlberg)

2008 FFA Pura vida (MagicWood, Avers)
2005 X-Ray (Silvretta)
2008 Zwiederwurtz (Silvretta)





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