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Legendary Aiguille Verte Nant Blanc face skied by Paul Bonhomme and Vivian Bruchez

On 19 June 2018 Paul Bonhomme and Vivian Bruchez made a rare ski descent of the mythical NW Face of Aiguille Verte, also referred to as Nant Blanc, in the Mont Blanc massif.

Paul Bonhomme completes Aiguille Verte 4 Faces in a day

French mountain guide Paul Bonhomme has completed his project of climbing and skiing 4 different faces on the Aiguille Verte (4122 m) in the Mont Blanc massif on the same day.

Couloir Sud Est du Grand Capucin on Mont Blanc skied by Davide Capozzi, Denis Trento

Davide Capozzi and Denis Trento completed a rare descent of the Couloir Sud Est du Grand Capucin in the Mont Blanc massif, on snowboard and skis respectively. Capozzi reports.

4000m Peaks in the Alps. Ski Touring and Steep Skiing

Francesco Vascellari and Loris de Barba introduce '4000m Peaks in the Alps. Ski Touring and Steep Skiing', their guidebook to the 4000m mountains in the Alps. Three routes presented on planetmountain.com: Barre des Écrins, Pizzo Bernina and Dent d'Hérens.

Les Courtes Austrian route skied by Boissenot, Roguet, Brunel and Gentet

On 10/04/2016 Yannick Boissenot, Stéphane Roguet, Nicolas Brunel and Titi Gentet descended on skis the Austrian route down the North Face of Les Courtes (3856m), Mont Blanc massif.

Grande Rocheuse Voie Originale, first ski and snowboard descent by Capozzi, Galli, Herry and Trento

Julien Herry reports about the first ski and snowboard descent of the Voie Originale down the South Face of Grande Rocheuse (4102m) in the Mont Blanc massif, carried out together with Davide Capozzi, Lambert Galli and Denis Trento.

Pain de Sucre and the Voie Originale descent by Capozzi, Herry and Civra Dano

David Capozzi reports about the 10 May first snowboard and ski descent, carried out together with Julien Herry and Francesco Civra Dano, of the entire Voie Originale down the North Face of Pain de Sucre, Mont Blanc.

Frigor Couloir, first descent on Petite Aiguille Verte by Vivian Bruchez and Jonathan Charlet

On 17/02/2013 the Frenchmen Vivian Bruchez and Jonathan Charlet made the first descent of the Frigor Couloir on Petite Aiguille Verte in the Mont Blanc massif.

Sébastien de Sainte Marie grabs first ski descents

Swiss skier Sébastien de Sainte Marie has carried out first ski descents in the Vaudois Alps, Chablais and Aiguilles Rouges.

Tardivel and Janody, new descent off Mt. Arcalod in France

The Frenchmen Pierre Tardivel and Jérémy Janody have skied a new line down the East Face of Mount Arcalod (2217m), Bauges massif, Savoia, France.

Extreme skiing, when falling is simply not an option

Italian extreme skier Davide Capozzi talks about this sport, with particular reference to the Mont Blanc mountain range, from the classic descents to those who have left their mark in the white gold.

Col du Brouillard, first descent of SW Couloir

Davide Capozzi and Roch Malnuit have carried out the probable first descent of the SW Couloir of Col du Brouillard in the Mont Blanc mountain range.

Aiguilles du Brouillard Couloir south-west first ski descent

On 17/01/2011 Davide Capozzi, Luca Rolli, Roch Malnuit, Laurent Dupré and Lionel Hachemy made the first descent of the SW Couloir on Aiguilles du Brouillard (P.ta Saviotti), Mont Blanc

Everest climbing and skiing history

The first ascent of Everest was carried out in 1953. The timeline about the first ski and snowboard descents off the highest mountain in the world.

11.10.2000 by PlanetMountain.com in Alpinism

Everest South Face, Davo Karnicar's ski descent

On 7 October the Slovenian Davo Karnicar made the first uninterrupted ski descent of the South Face of Everest




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