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Barre des Écrins, Dôme de Neige
Photo by ViviDolomiti Edizioni
Photo by ViviDolomiti Edizioni
Dent d'Hérens
Photo by ViviDolomiti Edizioni
Scialpinismo e Sci Ripido, i 4000 delle Alpi. 61 cime con gli sci oltre quota quattromila. Di Francesco Vascellari e Loris de Barba, ViviDolomiti Edizioni
Photo by ViviDolomiti Edizioni

4000m Peaks in the Alps. Ski Touring and Steep Skiing

Francesco Vascellari and Loris de Barba introduce '4000m Peaks in the Alps. Ski Touring and Steep Skiing', their guidebook to the 4000m mountains in the Alps. Three routes presented on planetmountain.com: Barre des Écrins, Pizzo Bernina and Dent d'Hérens.

27 years after “Scialpinismo Quota quattromila” was first published and many years since its been out of print, the Italian publisher ViviDolomiti has now produced the guidebook "4000m Peaks in the Alps. Ski Touring | Steep Skiing", dedicated to the 4000m mountains in the Alps in their winter garb. The guidebook covers 61 4000ers and describes 140 ascents.

The book describes all the classic descents and steep skiing chutes and includes a stunning array photographs of these beautiful peaks. Skiers past and present are included, such as Stefano De Benedetti, Heini Holzer, Jeremie Heitz, Luca Zattoni, Luca Pandolfi, Luca Rolli, Dave Searle, Francesco Tremolada, Diego Fiorito, Giacomino Loghi, Gilles Sierro and many more.

by Francesco Vascellari and Loris de Barba

Barre des Écrins 4101m & Dôme de Neige 4015m - GO TO TOPO
The highest point in the Dauphinè Alps, this beautiful pyramid dominates the glacier and is one of the most coveted ascents in the massif. Imposing, its line of ascent is unmistakable. Dôme de Neige is its highest shoulder and since it can easily reached on skis, most ski mountaineers stop here. This ascent is extremely satisfying, in a very grand and wild setting, far away from all ski lifts.

Pizzo Bernina - 4049m - GO TO TOPO
Pizzo Bernina is the easternmost fourthousander in the western Alps: due to the way its formed, it leads into a massif comprised of long ridges that extend all the way to Palù at Piz Roseg. The ski touring ascent follows the normal route from Rifugio Marco e Rosa which can be reached via long and at times technical ascents from either from Italy or Switzerland. The other skiing possibilities belong to the world of steep skiing, explored above all by Giancarlo Lenatti “Bianco”.

Dent d'Hérens - 4179m - GO TO TOPO
Situated in the Pennine Alps, Dent d’Hérens is far less famous than the Matterhorn to the just to the east. Its pyramidal shape is elegant and harmonious and provides a highly satisfying ski mountaineering ascent. The final section is very alpine, up a steep and often icy slope past outlying rocks that require particular attention. The final section up the ridge is extremely airy and provides spectacular views onto the West Face of the Matterhorn and numerous 4000m mountains in the Vallis Alps.


1.1 Barre des Ecrins e Dome de Neige da Prè de Madame Carle
3.1 Gran Paradiso dal Rif. Vittorio Emanuele
3.2 Gran Paradiso dal Rif. Chabod
3.3 Gran Paradiso, North Face
3.4 Gran Paradiso, East Face
4.1 Monte Bianco, Via Grand Mulets
4.2 Monte Bianco, Via dei Tre Monti
4.3 Monte Bianco, North Face
4.4 Monte Bianco, dal Rif. Gonella
4.5 Monte Bianco, Couloir Saudan
4.6 Monte Bianco, Via Major
4.7 Monte Bianco, Sentinella Rossa
4.8 Monte Bianco, West Face
5.1 Epaule de la Brenva, Via Tardivel
6.1 Mont Blanc du Tacul,Via dei Tre Monti
6.2 Mont Blanc du Tacul, Canalone Jager
6.3 Mont Blanc du Tacul, Canalone Gervasutti
6.4 Mont Blanc du Tacul, Couloir Diable
8.1 Dome du Gouter, Voie Royale/Costone Nord
10.1 Aiguille Verte, Colouir Whymper
10.2 Aiguille Verte, Colouir Couturier
12.1 Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey,East Face
12.2 Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey, North Face
14.1 Combin de Grafeneire, Valsorey, Tsessette, Aiguille de Croissant from Cabane de Panossière
14.2 Combin de Grafeneire, Valsorey, Tsessette, Aiguille de Croissant from Cabane de Valsorey
14.3 Gran Combin, South Face
18.1 Dent d'Hérens dal Rif. Aosta
19.1 Cervino, East Face
20.1 Dent Blanche, Cresta Wandflue Sud
21.1 Bishorn from Cabane de Tracuit
21.2 Bischorn from Turtmannhutte
21.3 Bischorn, Punta Burnaby East Face
22.1 Weisshorn, East Face
23.1 L'Epaule from Cabane du Mountet
23.2 L'Epaule from Cabane d'Arpitettaz
23.3 L'Epaule, direttissima Nord-Ovest
24.1 Breithorn Orientale, Centrale, Occidentale from Testa Grigia
24.2 Breithorn Orientale, Centrale, Occidentale dal Rif. Mezzalama
24.3 Breithorn Orientale, Via Triftjigrat
27.1 Polluce e Roccia Nera from Testa Grigia
29.1 Castore dal Rif. Mezzalama
30.1 Lyskamm Occidentale dal Rif. Quintino Sella
31.1 Lyskamm Orientale dal Rif. Gnifetti
31.2 Lyskamm Orientale, North Face, Nord-Est, via Neruda
31.3 Lyskamm Orientale, Cresta "Mangiauomini" canale Sud
31.4 Lyskamm Orientale, South Face
31.5 Lyskamm Orientale, South Face-Ovest
32.1 Naso del Lyskamm, Canale Sud
33.1 Colle della Fronte, Pendio Est
34.1 Punta Giordani da Indren
34.2 Punta Giordani, Canale del Soldato
34.3 Punta Giordani, Canale Occidentale
34.4 Punta Giordani, Diretta Canale Occidentale
34.5 Punta Giordani, North Face
35.1 Piramide Vincent, Balmenhorn, Corno Nero dal Rif. Gnifetti
35.2 Piramide Vincent, South Face-Ovest, central couloir
35.3 Piramide Vincent, South Face-Ovest, left couloir
35.4 Piramide Vincent, West Face, left couloir
35.5 Piramide Vincent, North Face-Est
38.1 Punta Parrot, Ludwigshohe, Colle Ippolita dal Rif. Gnifetti
38.2 Punta Parrot, Via Cavanna-Gabbio
40.1 Colle Ippolita versante Sud-Est
41.1 Punta Gnifetti da Capanna Gnifetti
41.2 Punta Gnifetti from Monte Rosahutte
43.1 Colle Gnifetti, Canalone Marinelli
44.1 Colle Sesia, Canalone Est
45.1 Punta Dufour from Monte Rosahutte
45.2 Punta Dufour, South Face
46.1 Punta Norden from Monte Rosahutte
47.1 Strahlhorn from Britanniahutte
48.1 Rimpfischorn from Britanniahutte
49.1 Allalinhorn from Langfluehutte
49.2 Allalinhorn, North Face
50.1 Alphubel from Langfluehutte
50.2 Alphubel dallaTaschhutte
51.1 Dom de Mischabel from Domhutte
52.1 Nadelhorn from Bordierhutte
53.1 Weissmies from Berghutte Hohsaas
53.2 Weissmies da Saas Almagell
54.1 Aletschhorn dal Biv. Mittelaletsch
54.2 Aletschhorn from Oberaletschhutte
55.1 Jungfrau dallo Jungfraujoch
56.1 Monch dallo Jungfraujoch
57.1 Finseraarhorn from Finseraarhornhutte
58.1 Gross e Hinter Fiescherhorn from Konkordiahutte
58.2 Gross e Hinter Fiescherhorn from Monchjochhutte
60.1 Gross Grunhorn from Konkordiahutte
61.1 Bernina from Val Malenco
61.2 Bernina da Diavolezza
61.3 Bernina, diretta Sud





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