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29.04.2013 by Vinicio Stefanello in Interviews

Everest, interview with Simone Moro after the attack at 7200m

We briefly talked with Simone Moro, currently at Everest Base Camp after he, Ueli Steck and Jon Griffith were attacked at 7200m on their way to Camp 3 on Everest. Here is his account of this incredible, terrifying incident which will require time to understand and comprehend.

08.04.2013 by Vinicio Stefanello in Events

Piolets d'Or 2013: the incomprehensible universal tie

Some thoughts about the Jury verdict of the 21st Piolet d'Or 2013 which assigned the award to all six nominated ascents.

07.01.2013 by Vinicio Stefanello in Alpinism

Alpinism and climbing in 2012 - part 2

Part 2 - from July to December - of what happened in alpinism and climbing in 2012.

02.01.2013 by Vinicio Stefanello in Alpinism

Alpinism and climbing in 2012 - part 1

Part one of what happend, in alpinism and in climbing, in 2012. A summary, for obvious reason incomplete, of the climbs, the most beautiful achievements and also the most painful moments in 2012. In the hope that this résumé serves as a reminder and as a source on inspiration for the coming future.

06.08.2012 by Vinicio Stefanello in Events

Bonatti Day Courmayeur: the show A way of being and the video of Rossana Podesta recounting her Walter Bonatti

On Tuesday 31/07/2012 Courmayeur staged the Bonatti Day and show "A way of being, words by and about Walter Bonatti". Rossana Podesta attended the evening and her new film was screened in which she talks about her Walter Bonatti. Information about the show as well as the video and thoughts by Rossana Podesta.

Everest, the crowd and the race to nowhere

The race towards the highest mountain on earth: a multitude of summits, long queues and, like every year, too many deaths. By Vinicio Stefanello.

24.05.2012 by Vinicio Stefanello in Interviews

Everest like an amusement park, Simone Moro abandons Everest and Lhotse attempt

Interview with Simone Moro who descended to Everst Base Camp today and abandoned his project of climbing Everest and then Lhotse without supplementary oxygen due to the massive crowds on the mountain (more than 200 are currently attempting to reach its summit) and the dangers association with this overcrowding.

16.05.2012 by Vinicio Stefanello in Interviews

Simone Moro between Everest, Lhotse and helicopter rescues

Interview with Simone Moro, currently at Everest Base Camp preparing to ascend Everest and Lhotse in a single push while still finding the time to co-ordinate and take part in helicopter rescues.

08.05.2012 by Vinicio Stefanello in Events

Melloblocco, a passionate battle

Sun, rain, boulder problems and parties for 2200 people during the ninth edition of Melloblocco 2012. Our final report of the world's most important bouldering meeting which took place in Val Masino - Val di Mello from 3 to 6 May.

23.01.2012 by Vinicio Stefanello in Alpinism

David Lama frees the Compressor route… while Kruk & Kennedy's bolt chopping is hotly debated

Yesterday 22/01/2012 David Lama made the first free ascent of the Compressor Route on Cerro Torre, Patagonia. The news has been confirmed by David Lama's team. There are no further details but this update will certainly add fuel to the controversy which has followed the bolt chopping carried out recently by Jason Kruk and Hayden Kennedy.

14.09.2011 by Vinicio Stefanello in Alpinism

Walter Bonatti, goodbye

Last night Walter Bonatti passed away. He was 81 years old and one of the greatest legends of alpinism of all times.

No way down. The book by Graham Bowley about the 2008 tragedy on K2

No Way Down: Life and Death on K2 by Graham Bowley has now been published in Italy by Mondadori. The book retraces the 2008 tragedy on K2 which cost the lives of 11 alpinists and only Italian mountaineer Marco Confortola survived.

09.05.2011 by Vinicio Stefanello in Events

Melloblocco 2011 and the great bouldering tribe

Melloblocco, Val di Mello, the bouldering tribe and the biggest bouldering meeting in the world

29.04.2011 by Vinicio Stefanello in Alpinism

Erhard Loretan, good-bye to a great alpinist

On Thursday 28 April Swiss alpinist and mountain guide Erhard Loretan died in a climbing accident while ascending Grünhorn in the Bernse Alps. Loretan was one of the greatest alpinists of the modern era, the third person to have climbed all fourteen 8000m peaks and the second to do so without supplementary oxygen.

19.04.2011 by Vinicio Stefanello in Events

Piolet d'Or 2011, winners, diversity and the challenges of alpinism

Two Piolets d'Or were awarded on 15 April in Chamonix, France, during the IXX Piolet d'Or 2011: to the Greenland Big Walls by Sean Villanueva, Nicolas and Olivier Favresse, Ben Ditto and Bob Shepton and to the ascent up Mount Logan in Canada by Yasushi Okada and Katsutaka Yokoyama from Japan. On 16 April in Courmayeur the British mountaineer Doug Scott received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Walter Bonatti who, like Reinhold Messner, had preceded him in the Hall of Fame. The complete report.

28.02.2011 by Vinicio Stefanello in Interviews

Fabio Valseschini, interview after the first winter solo on Civetta

Fabio Valseschini talks about his recent great winter solo ascent of the Via dei 5 di Valmadrera up the NW Face of Civetta (Dolomites), as well as his alpinism and his love for the mountains.

02.02.2011 by Vinicio Stefanello in Alpinism

Gasherbrum II, historic first winter ascent: summit for Moro, Urubko and Richards!

At 11:28 local time Simone Moro, Denis Urubko and Cory Richards reached the summit of Gasherbrum II. This is the first winter ascent of the 13th highest mountain in the world, a historic climb which is also the first winter ascent of one of the five 8000ers located in Pakistan.

28.01.2011 by Vinicio Stefanello in Alpinism

Gasherbrum II in winter: Campo 2 for Moro, Urubko and Richards

On 25 Janaury 2011 Simone Moro, Denis Urubko and Cory Richards installed Camp 2 at 6500m on Gasherbrum II. In doing so they carried out another important step in their attempt to carry out the first winter ascent of the 13th highest mountain in the world.

24.11.2010 by Vinicio Stefanello in Alpinism

Carletto Alverà, good bye to another flag bearer of the Scoiattoli di Cortina

Yesterday morning Carletto Alverà Lete passed away at the age of 92. The Italian was the flag bearer of the Gruppo Scoiattoli di Cortina, a mountain guide and ski instructor. He takes with him another piece of the history of alpinism in Cortina and the Valle d'Ampezzo, Dolomites.

07.11.2010 by Vinicio Stefanello in Alpinism

The Messner slab on the Sass dla Crusc, Dolomites

The famous section climbed by Reinhold Messner on the Pilastro di Mezzo on Sass dla Crusc (also referred to as Sasso della Croce or Heiligkreuzkofel), analysed by Heinz Mariacher. Plus the history, a video and an on-site report by Nicola Tondini.




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