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22.04.2019 by Nicola Tondini in Alpinism

Remembering Hansjörg Auer. By Nicola Tondini

Italian alpinist Nicola Tondini remembers Hansjörg Auer, the great Austrian mountaineer who died last week in an avalanche in Canada, along with David Lama and Jess Roskelley.

21.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Felipe Camargo battles his way up El bon combat 9b

Brazilian climber Felipe Camargo has made the third ascent of El Bon Combat at Cova de Ocell in Spain after Chris Sharma and Jakob Schubert.

19.04.2019 by Vinicio Stefanello in Alpinism

David Lama, Hansjörg Auer, Jess Roskelley: farewell to three great mountaineers

Hansjörg Auer, David Lama, Jess Roskelley have perished while climbing Howse Peak, a difficult and remote mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Initially reported as missing, their deaths have been confirmed by the parents of David Lama and Jess Roskelley. The loss of this world class trio of alpinists is unfathomable.

19.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Hopes dwindle for Hansjörg Auer, David Lama, Jess Roskelley

The authorities at Parks Canada have issued a statement in which three mountaineers, presumed to be David Lama, Jess Roskelley and Hansjörg Auer, have died in an avalanche on Howse Peak in Canada.

18.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

David Lama and Hansjörg Auer missing in Canada

According to the Austrian newspaper Tiroler Tageszeitung, Austrian alpinists David Lama and Hansjörg Auer are reported missing after an avalanche in the Rocky Mountains in Canada.

18.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy 2019, last places available for upcoming clinics

Tickets are running out for the Arcteryx Alpine Academy 2019, scheduled to take place from 4 to 7 July 2019 Chamonix, France. This unique event offers climbers of all abilities to learn more about climbing and alpinism directly on Mont Blanc.

18.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

David Lama mountain moments compilation 2018

A year of top level mountaineering and climbing by Austrian alpinist David Lama, which culminated in his solo first ascent of Lunag Ri in the Himalaya.

18.04.2019 by Francesco Fazzi in Alpinism

Ice climbing in Val Pramper, Dolomites: new mixed route La Piccola Sgualdrina

In January 2019 Francesco Fazzi and Matteo Pilon made the first ascent of La Piccola Sgualdrina (130m M8 WI5 III), a new mixed route up in Val Pramper, Dolomites, immediately next to the famous icefall Gran Dama. Fazzi, a mountain guide from Val di Zoldo, reports.

17.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Gruelling Canyonlands crack climbed by Pete Whittaker, Tom Randall

British rock climbers Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall have made the first ascent of Black Mamba, a 5.14b trad crack climb in The Canyonlands, USA.

16.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Sébastien Bouin makes first repeat of Mamichula, Adam Ondra’s 9b at Oliana

Yesterday at Oliana in Spain French rock climber Seb Bouin made the first repeat of Mamichula, the 9b sports climbed first ascended in 2017 by Adam Ondra.

16.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Melloblocco... an end and new beginning

Melloblocco, the largest climbing meeting in the world that has taken place for 14 years in Val Masino - Val di Mello before going on tour to Cresciano in Switzerland, will not take place this May as per tradition.

15.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Competitions

Slovenians supreme in Russia, Janja Garnbret and Jernej Kruder win Bouldering World Cup in Moscow

The second stage of the Bouldering World Cup 2019 took place in Moscow, Russia, last weekend and was won by the Slovenian climbers Janja Garnbret and Jernej Kruder. The first stage of the Speed World Cup 2019 was won on Friday night by YiLing Song and Bassa Mawem.

14.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Competitions

Climbing World Cup 2019: Boulder & Speed in Moscow

The second stage of the Bouldering World Cup 2019 is taking place at Moscow in Russia. Live streaming from the semifinals at 10.00 and finals at 17:30. The first stage of the Speed World Cup 2019 was won on Friday night by YiLing Song and Bassa Mawem.

13.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Dani Arnold, Martin Echser climb thin ice in Switzerland’s Schöllenen Gorge

Swiss alpinists Dani Arnold and Martin Echser have made the first ascent of the 9-pitch mixed climb Uristier Schöllenen (WI6+/M8) in the Schöllenen Gorge, Switzerland.

12.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Uncut: Daniel Woods climbing La Capella at Siurana

The integral video of US climber Daniel Woods climbing his first 9b, La Capella at Siurana in Spain.

11.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Marco Pedrini, Cumbre and the first solo ascent of Cerro Torre in 1985

The 1985 film Cerro Torre Cumbre by Fulvio Mariani that documents the first solo ascent of Cerro Torre in Patagonia, carried out by Swiss alpinist Marco Pedrini on 26/11/1985 via the Cesare Maestri Compressor Route.

10.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Everest Virtual Reality climb with Sherpa Tenji, Jon Griffith

The trailer of Everest VR, the film by British mountaineer Jon Griffith that documents an attempt by Sherpa Tenji to climb Mt Everest without supplementary oxygen.

10.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Events

Arco Rock Star reveals pro photographer line-up for Climbing Photo Contest

The international climbing photography contest Arco Rock Star has revealed the 10 PRO teams that will compete for the perfect photo from 10 to 12 May 2019 at Arco, Italy during the Adventure Awards Days festival. Registration is still open for the OPEN category

09.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Giuseppe Nolasco sends Tetto di Sarre's Ground Zero, his first 9a

At Tetto di Sarre in Valle d’Aosta, Italy, Giuseppe Pippo Nolasco has repeated Ground Zero, his first 9a sports climb.

08.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Canada’s Mount Fay East Face finally climbed by Brette Harrington, Luka Lindič, Ines Papert

From 2 - 3 April 2019 Brette Harrington, Luka Lindič and Ines Papert made the first ascent of The Sound of Silence (1100m, M8 WI5) up Mount Fay in the Alberta Rockies, Canada. This is the first route to climb the entire East Face.




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