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Stefano Ghisolfi having fun at Erto during his first visit to this historic crag
Photo by Claudia Ghisolfi
Sandro Neri in a historic photo dating back to 1987: climbing Tucson 8a+ at Erto, Italy.
Photo by archivio Rocciaviva
Luca Zardini at Erto in 1991 repeating "Sogni di Gloria".
Photo by arch. L. Zardini
The massive walls at Erto and the village Casso above.
Photo by Planetmountain.com

Stefano Ghisolfi makes excellent Erto debut


At his first visti to the Italian crag Erto, Stefano Ghisolfi onsighted Tucson 8a, Bricolage 8a+, Super Pole Position 8a+ and Jurassic Climb 8b+.

Although it’s hard to believe, Stefano Ghisolfi has only recently paid his first visit to Erto, one of the undisputed cradles of Italian sport climbing. Ever since the early 1980’s the overhangs above the Vajont dam have been an integral part of the history of sport, climbed by the likes of Mauro Corona, the Erto Zoo Boys Sandro Neri, Icio Dall'Omo and Gigi da Pozzo, Luca Zardini and many others. Many of the world’s best have visited this crag, including Austria’s Gerhard Hörhager whose first ascent of Sogni di Gloria - Dreams of Glory - in 1987 was hailed as one of the hardest sport climbs in the world.

More than 30 years have passed since those moments and obviously the crag has kept in step with the times: in 1992, for example, Luca Giupponi made the world’s first 8b flash on Ritorno di Ringo, and increasingly difficult climbs have been added such as Big Mother and La Linea dei Sogni by Luca Zardini, and The Last Way freed by Zardini and then, after a hold break, climbed by Luca Giupponi. And of course there’s the 8c+ /9a La Grande Linea dei Sogni, freed in 2009 by Adam Ondra.

Stefano Ghisolfi visited this Italian sport climbing mecca two days ago, understandably for a man of his calibre, onsighted Tucson 8a, Bricolage 8a +, Super Pole Position 8a+ and Jurassic Climb 8b+ before sending the bouldery Ombre Atomiche second go. In short, he had a superb debut afternoon. Who knows what he might have done had he not, that morning and all the previous day, trained in the gym with the Italian Climbing Team…

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Sandro Neri: 10 years for Emicrania
Sandro Neri: 10 years for Emicrania
After 10 years of trying the Italian climber Sandro Neri has managed to repeat Emicrania 8b at Ceresera (Belluno).
Adam Ondra raids Italy
Adam Ondra raids Italy
Adam Ondra has returned to Italy and carried out the first ascent of "Vento nei Capelli" 8c+/9a at Cornalba and "La grande linea dei sogni"8c+/9a at Erto.
La grande linea dei sogni repeated by Luca Zardini
La grande linea dei sogni repeated by Luca Zardini
On 31 May Luca Zardini carried out the first repeat of La grande linea dei sogni 8c+/9a, the Erto testpiece first ascended by Adam Ondra in April. With this ascent the Cortina based climber takes home the poker of the four hardest routes at this historic crag.
La linea dei Sogni at Erto by Luca Zardini
La linea dei Sogni at Erto by Luca Zardini
On 14/03/2009 Luca Zardini carried out the first ascent of "La linea dei Sogni" (8c+), the extension to the legendary "Sogni di Gloria" at Erto (Italy).
"Ombre Atomiche" at Erto for Luca Zardini
On 8 March Luca Zardini climbs "Ombre Atomiche" 8a+ boulder at Erto
'The last way' at Erto freed by Luca Giupponi
The Italian Luca Giupponi frees 'The last way' at Erto after a crucial hold broke off
Luca Zardini frees "The Big Mother" 8c+/9a at Erto, Italy
The Big Mother 8c+/9a strong contender for the hardest route in Italy




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