Watch Nicolas Hojac, Adrian Zurbrügg speed across the Monte Rosa Traverse

The video of Swiss mountaineers Adrian Zurbrügg and Nicolas Hojac who in 2020 enchained the 18 mountains in the Monte Rosa massif above 4000 meters in just 13 hours and 39 minutes.
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Nicolas Hojac and Adrian Zurbrügg climbing Lyskamm during their Monte Rosa Tour on 08/07/2020
Alberto De Giuli
Monte Rosa Hütte 2882m
Nordend 4609m
Dufourspitze 4634m
Zumsteinspitze 4563m
Punta Gnifetti 4554m
Punta Parrot 4434m
Ludwigshöhe 4342m
Corno Nero 4322m
Balmenhorn 4167m (not official)
Piramide Vincent 4215m
Punta Giordani 4046m
Lyskamm Orientale 4527m,
Lyskamm Occidentale 4480m
Felikhorn 4087m (not official)
Castor 4223m
Polluce 4092m
Roccia Nera 4075m
Breithorn (Gendarm) 4106m
Breithorn Orientale 4139m
Breithorn Central 4159
Breithorn Occidentale 4164m
Klein Matterhorn 3882m


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