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The huge rockfall on Trident du Tacul, Mont Blanc massif. This photo was taken at dawn on 26 September 2018 by Francesco Civra Dano
Photo by Francesco Civra Dano
The Trident du Tacul rockfall, documented by Roger Schaeli on 26 September 2018
Photo by Roger Schaeli
The classic view onto the Trident du Tacul
Photo by archivio Lamberto Camurri
Federica Mingolla climbing the cracks on the Direttissima on Trident du Tacul, Mont Blanc
Photo by Federico Ravassard

Significant rockfall on Trident du Tacul in Mont Blanc massif


Last night significant rockfall took place on the Trident du Tacul, close to the Grand Capucin (Mont Blanc massif).

A huge portion of the South Face of Trident du Tacul in the Mont Blanc massif rained down onto the glacier some time last night. It is obviously too early to say precisely which routes have been affected by the rockfall on one of the most important granite towers close to the Grand Capucin, but according to the mountain guide Enrico Bonino who had been climbing on peak yesterday, at least "one third of the South Face has swept away, taking with it some classic climbs like Lépiney and Les Intouchables. Furthermore, we’ll have to see which climbs on the nearby east and west faces had been damaged."

Bonino climbed the East Face yesterday with his partner Ilaria, but throughout the morning the two heard worryingly deep noises, remarkably different from the usual sounds made by the Bergschrund moving or rockfall whizzing down gullies. "The tension was palpable: on the third pitch we decided to rappel." This morning his colleagues inspected the tower and immediately noticed the rockfall.

"On a mountain such as the Trident du Tacul you don’t really expect rockfall like this, also because these "satellites" are a symbol for solid rock in Mont Blanc massif" the Aosta valley guide told planetmountain.com, adding "It is a obvious warning of climate change, that has come after an extremely hot August and the last snowfall that took place two days ago. It’s a warning that should make all alpinists stop and think, beginners and experts alike. We have to change our approach to these faces, regardless of whether the climbs are on ice or rock, the danger is serious and ever-present. We all need to listen and pay more attention to the signals that nature is giving us."


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Astro Zap on Trident du Tacul by Bassanini and Camurri
Astro Zap on Trident du Tacul by Bassanini and Camurri
On 4/09/2013 Giovani Bassanini and Lamberto Camurri made the first ascent of Astro Zap (7a), a line that climbs the crack avoided by the Via Diretta Bonatti, first climbed by Walter Bonatti and Cosimo Zappelli in 1963 up Le Trident du Tacul in the Mont Blanc massif.
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