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09.08.2022 by Simon Messner in Alpinism

New Rosengarten Rotwand climb by Simon Messner, Philipp Prünster, Martin Sieberer

Simon Messner reports about his new climb 'Männer die auf Wände starren’ on Rotwand / Roda di Vael in the Rosengarten group of the Dolomites, Italy, first ascended with Philipp Prünster and Martin Sieberer.

07.07.2019 by Ivo Ferrari in Alpinism

Two rucksacks, one friendship. Ivo Ferrari and remembers Marco Anghileri

Ivo Ferrari remembers Marco Anghileri, his friend and mountaineer from Lecco.

22.07.2016 by Ivo Ferrari in Alpinism

Classic climbs n. 1: Pisciadù NW Arête. By Ivo Ferrari

Ivo Ferrari climbs the North-West Arête, also known as Via W.H. on the West face of the Pisciadù (Sella, Dolomites). This classic outing was first climbed on 09/05/1971 by Heini Holzer and Sieglinde Walzl.

20.07.2016 by Ivo Ferrari in Alpinism

Black and white, Ivan Ghirardini and the three North Faces solo in winter

Thoughts about the history of mountaineering. The solo winter trilogy carried out by Ivan Ghirardini up the legendary three North Faces of the Alps: the Matterhorn, Grandes Jorasses and Eiger. By Ivo Ferrari.

09.05.2016 by Federica Maslowsky in Alpinism

Mummy heads into the mountains

Although Mother’s Day was yesterday, today we’re publishing this short and beautiful write-up by Federica Maslowsky who reminds us what it’s like to be a mother (and alpinist). Long live mothers, every day!

19.04.2016 by Ivo Ferrari in Books-press

Joe Tasker, alpinism and its Savage arena

A book for dreamers: Savage arena by Joe Tasker. A story about a form of alpinism that has perhaps disappeared but which has certainly left its mark in history. The book review by Ivo Ferrari.

15.01.2016 by Ivo Ferrari in Alpinism

Loretan and Georges' Imperial Crown, merely the thought inspires

In the footsteps of Erhard Loretan and André Georges and their Imperial Crown, the great winter enchainment of 38 peaks in Switzerland’s Valais Alps, of which 30 are over 4000 meters, completed in 1986. By Ivo Ferrari.

09.12.2015 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Oh how I enjoy these things: alpinism that borders between reason and passion

On the climb Antonello Cardinale up Monte Disgrazia together with Ivo Ferrari: alpinism carefully balanced between reason and passion.

19.11.2015 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

One Day as a Tiger. The story of Alex MacIntyre by John Porter

Mountaineering and literature: Italian alpinist Ivo Ferrari recommends the book "One Day as a Tiger. Alex MacIntyre and the birth of light and fast alpinism".

29.09.2015 by Ivo Ferrari in Alpinism

Pelmo North Face winter ascent. A climbing story for commanders only

Ivo Ferrari retraces the winter repeat of the Pelmo North Face, carried out in the Dolomites by Soro Dorotei, Renato Panciera and Giuliano De Marchi. One of the most memorable stories of alpinism and winter mountaineering

16.09.2015 by Ivo Ferrari in Alpinism

Father's day

Ivo Ferrari and the "responsibility" of being a father who guides his son up a rock climb.

24.07.2015 by Ivo Ferrari in Alpinism

The visible gem, on Sass d'Ortiga in the Dolomites

Ivo Ferrari repeats "9 agosto", the climb on Sass d'Ortiga in the Pale di San Martino Dolomites put up by Maurizio Giordani and Nancy Paoletto in 2003. A route to get off the beaten track.

17.07.2015 by Ivo Ferrari in Alpinism

I wanted silence. Ivo Ferrari climbs via Gregis, Presolana Orientale

Ivo Ferrari climbs Via Gregis (300m, VII-, A1), also known as Via Fassi, on the Fupù face on Presolana Orientale, established on 15/06/1973 by F. Nembrini, A. Fassi and A. Camozzi.

25.05.2015 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Matteo Della Bordella wins Grignetta d'Oro 2015

On Friday, May 22 at Lecco the Grignetta d'Oro 2015 was awarded to Matteo Della Bordella while Ivo Ferrari and Romano Benet received special mentions. The other alpinists in the running for the Italian mountaineering award were Hervé Barmasse, Simon Gietl, Tamara Lunger, Corrado Pesce, Francesco Salvaterra and Luca Schiera.

21.05.2015 by Ivo Ferrari in Alpinism

The King: the first time up the Monviso Coolidge Couloir, by Ivo Ferrari

The North Face of Monviso (3841m) and its Coolidge Gully, one of those climbs "I'd always like to do." By Ivo Ferrari

14.05.2015 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Grignetta d'Oro: the big list of 41 Italian alpinists

41 alpinists have been selected for the "Big List” of the Grignetta d'Oro, the Italian mountaineering award that goes to the Italian mountaineer whose climbs in 2013 and 2014 have most left their mark. The award will be celebrated on Friday 22 May at Lecco.

06.05.2015 by Ivo Ferrari in Alpinism

Speed, records and alpinism. By Ivo Ferrari

Speed and record-breaking alpinism seen (and experienced) by Ivo Ferrari.

29.04.2015 by Ivo Ferrari in Alpinism

Gran Sasso d'Italia and the Paretone Fourth Pillar. By Ivo Ferrari

Ivo Ferrari retraces the history of the Quarto Pilastro del Paretone on Gran Sasso, first climbed in 1959 by Luigi Mario and Emilio Caruso, with an account by Stefano Ardito of the historic first ascent and an account by Fabrizio Antonioli about the first repeat, carried out in 1977 together with Massimo Frezzotti and Paolo Cutolo.

23.04.2015 by Ivo Ferrari in Alpinism

Königsspitze West Face for Ivo Ferrari

Ivo Ferrari’s quest for for his climbing and mountaineering up the West Face of Königsspitze via the route Zebrusius.

01.04.2015 by Ivo Ferrari in Alpinism

Impressive impressions: Patrick Berhault and Mt. Monviso

Patrick Berhault and long ridge from Colle Traversette to Monviso. To remember that the "game" and mountaineering are never ending. By Ivo Ferrari.




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