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25.06.2022 by Planetmountain in Competitions

Patricia Pineda, Pere Rullan win the Cortina Trail 2022

Patricia Pineda and Pere Rullan won the Cortina Trail 2022, the second event of the 2022 edition of La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail by UTMB.

14.02.2021 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Iker Pou establishes 9a+ on Mallorca, Jorge Díaz-Rullo repeats La Rambla at Siurana

Spanish climbers Iker Pou and Jorge Díaz-Rullo have both recently redpointed 9a+: Pou made the first ascent of Gran Guggenheim on the island of Mallorca, while Díaz-Rullo repeated La Rambla at Siurana.

02.11.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Cédric Lachat redpoints La Rambla at Siurana

Swiss climber Cédric Lachat has repeated La Rambla, the benchmark 9a+ sport climb at Siurana in Spain

20.08.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Pete Whittaker relishes Recovery Drink at Jøssingfjord in Norway

British rock climber Pete Whittaker has repeated Recovery Drink, the extremely difficult trad climb on the Profilveggen wall at Jøssingfjord in Norway.

19.03.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Dave Graham rules La Rambla at Siurana

American rock climber Dave Graham has repeated the famous sport climb La Rambla. Gonzalo Larrocha also checks in with a repeat of the benchmark 9a+ at Siurana in Spain.

10.08.2018 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Daniel Jung reaps first repeat of Recovery drink, Favresse's difficult crack climb in Norway

German climber Daniel Jung has made the first repeat of Recovery drink, the difficult trad climb on the Profilveggen wall at Jøssingfjord in Norway. First ascended in 2013 by Nicolas Favresse, the route had foiled some of the best crack climbers in the world.

05.03.2018 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Jon Cardwell claims La Rambla at Siurana

American climber Jon Cardwell has repeated the classic 9a+ testpiece La Rambla at Siurana in Spain.

31.10.2016 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Dai Koyamada, Alexander Megos and Daniel Jung find Frankenjura friction

While Alexander Megos has repeated Becoming, a 9a+ sports climb in Germany’s Frankenjura, Daniel Jung and Dai Koyamada have repeated Corona 9a+ nearby.

23.02.2016 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Adam Ondra, Alex Puccio, Gabriele Moroni, James Webb, Daniel Jung, Jakob Schubert... climbing above and beyond the limits

A quick overview of some of the most important climbs carried out recently by the likes of Adam Ondra, Alex Puccio, Gabriele Moroni, James Webb, Daniel Jung and Jakob Schubert

03.05.2015 by Vinicio Stefanello in Climbing

Melloblocco 2015 - day 4, the grand finale and free bouldering spirit

The 12th edition of Melloblocco drew to a close today in Val Masino and Val di Mello, Italy. This is the biggest climbing and bouldering meeting in the world and confirmation came from the 2,500 registered participants representing 25 nations, the 5,000+ climbers and also the unique nature of the event that unites their irrepressible love for climbing with the beauty of these valleys.

12.03.2015 by Planetmountain in Events

Melloblocco 2015 - the universal edition

The biggest bouldering and climbing meeting in the world will be held in Val di Mello - Val Masino, Italy, from 30 April to 3 May 2015.A universal edition to celebrate, for the 12th consecutive year, the beauty of climbing in these splendid valleys.

24.02.2015 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Magnus Midtbø climbing Jungle Speed at Siurana

The video of Norwegian climber Magnus Midtboe on Jungle Speed at Siurana in Spain.

06.10.2014 by Erik Massih in Climbing

Profilveggen free climb in Norway by Erik Massih and Crister Jansson

Erik Massih reports about the first free ascent of Ronny Medelsvensson (Scandinavian grade 9 / French 8b) at Profilveggen, Jøssingfjord, Norway, carried out in July 2014 together with Crister Jansson.

26.05.2014 by Roberto Zampino in Events

San Vito Climbing Festival 2014

The fourth edition of the San Vito Climbing Festival took place at San Vito Lo Capo in Sicily from 15 to 18 May 2014. The report and portfolio of this international climbing meeting by official photographer Roberto Zampino.

15.10.2013 by Planetmountain in Events

The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2013, everyone wins

Alexander Megos and Caroline Ciavaldini have won the The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2013, the meeting that took place on the Greek island from 10 to 13 October.

10.10.2013 by Planetmountain in Events

The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival live streaming

Watch live streaming of The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2013.

07.10.2013 by Planetmountain in Events

Live streaming The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2013

Watch the live streaming of The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2013, the climbing meeting that takes place from 10 -13 October on the island of Kalymnos, Greece.

15.08.2013 by Planetmountain in Events

The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2013 and the PROject competition athletes

The 15 athletes taking part in the The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2013 have been confirmed. This festival is open to all and takes place on 10 - 13 October 2013 on the island of Kalymnos in Greece.

27.05.2013 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Nicolas Favresse frees his crack project in Norway

On 22 May 2013 Belgian rock climber Nicolas Favresse freed his project in Norway, The recovery drink on Profile wall at Jossingfjord.

30.01.2013 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Nico Favresse and the perfect crack climb in Norway

The words and video of Nicolas Favresse about his latest project, a beautiful and difficult trad climb in Norway.




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