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Jorge Díaz-Rullo repeating La Rambla 9a+ at Siurana in Spain
Photo by Javi Pec

Iker Pou establishes 9a+ on Mallorca, Jorge Díaz-Rullo repeats La Rambla at Siurana


Spanish climbers Iker Pou and Jorge Díaz-Rullo have both recently redpointed 9a+: Pou made the first ascent of Gran Guggenheim on the island of Mallorca, while Díaz-Rullo repeated La Rambla at Siurana.

Iker Pou has added another test de résistance to Mallorca, the 9a+ Gran Guggenheim that combines Guggenheim with the upper section of Gran lubre. This is now the island’s second 9a+, after Pou established Big Men in 2015. Aged 44, Pou shows absolteuly no signs of slowing down and has numerous interesting projects dotted across the island.

Jorge Díaz-Rullo is less than half Pou’s age and the other day he sent the classic Siurana testpiece La Rambla, for many years the hardest sport climb in Spain and - despite its age - still capable of attracting the attention of the best in the world. 21-year-old Díaz-Rullo has previously sent 14 climbs 9a+ or harder including the 9b’s El Bon Combat at Cova de Ocell and La planta de Shiva ar Villanueva del Rosario, and after the obligatory stop off on Biographie at Ceuse in 2019, he unsurprisingly made short work of this 9a+ benchmark. Díaz-Rullo had attempted La Rambla briefly 4 years ago without making headway, this time he needed just 8 attempts to clip the chain.

TOPO: Siurana, Spain

La Rambla

First ascent: Alexander Huber, 1994
Extension: Ramón Julián Puigblanque 2003

2006 - Edu Marín Garcia, Spain
2006 - Chris Sharma, USA
2007 - Andreas Bindhammer, Germany
2007 - Patxi Usobiaga, Spain
2008 - Adam Ondra, Czech Republic, aged 15
2011 - Enzo Oddo, France
2013 - Sachi Amma, Japan
2013 - Felix Neumärker, Germany
2013 - Sangwon Son, South Korea
2013 - Alexander Megos, Germany, second attempt
2014 - Daniel Jung, Germany
2015 - Jonathan Siegrist, USA
2017 - Matty Hong, USA
2017 - Margo Hayes, USA, first female 9a+
2017 - Stefano Ghisolfi, Italy
2017 - Jacopo Larcher, Italy
2017 - Klemen Bečan, Slovenia
2017 - Sébastian Bouin, France
2018 - Tomás Ravanal, Chile
2018 - Jon Cardwell, USA
2019 - Piotr Schab, Poland
2019 - Dave Graham, USA
2019 - Gonzalo Larrocha, Spain
2019 - Cédric Lachat, Switzerland
2020 - Jorge Díaz-Rullo, ESP


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Jorge Díaz-Rullo repeats El Bon Combat 9b at Cova de Ocell in Spain
Jorge Díaz-Rullo repeats El Bon Combat 9b at Cova de Ocell in Spain
Spanish climber Jorge Díaz-Rullo has repeated El Bon Combat, the 9b at Cova de Ocell in Spain established in 2015 by Chris Sharma.
Jorge Díaz-Rullo dials Biographie at Céüse in France
Jorge Díaz-Rullo dials Biographie at Céüse in France
Spaniard Jorge Díaz-Rullo has repeated Biographie, the 9a+ at Ceuse freed by Chris Sharma in 2001 and recognised as a benchmark for its grade
Iker Pou frees Big Men 9a+ at Mallorca
Iker Pou frees Big Men 9a+ at Mallorca
Iker Pou, the 38-year-old Basque sports climber, has made the first ascent of Big Men 9a+ at Fraguel on the island of Mallorca, Spain
Iker Pou onsights 8c on Mallorca
Iker Pou onsights 8c on Mallorca
38-year-old Basque sports climber Iker Pou has onsighted his first 8c, Guiris Go Home 8c at Mallorca in Spain.




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