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Black Diamond Issues Voluntary Recall for Recon LT Avalanche Transceiver

Black Diamond Equipment is issuing a voluntary recall for its Recon LT avalanche transceiver to carry out a required firmware update.

27.01.2023 by Gian Luca Gasca in Alpinism

Lest we forget: the Italian racial laws, the Italian Mountaineering club and its Jewish members

In December 1938 a 'highly confidential' internal document from the National Council of the Italian Mountaineering Club (CAI) sent to all its sections indicated the criteria for purging members of the 'non-Aryan race'. As a result hundreds, guilty of simply being Jews, did not have their membership renewed. Today the CAI acknowledges its mistake and is making up for its error. Because remembering the past is a perpetual obligation.

23.12.2022 by Claude Gardien in Alpinism

Climbing community, be the voice of oppressed Iranian mountaineers!

An appeal has been launched in favour of five mountaineers from Iran, Dena Sheybani, Mohammed Khiveh, Eshragh Najafabadi, Amir Arslan Mahdavi and Hessam Mousavi, arrested recently during the country-wide protests sparked by the death in custody of Mahsa Amini in mid-September and reportedly in grave danger. By French journalist Claude Gardien.

28.06.2022 by Vinicio Stefanello in Events

PlanetMountain.com and the future

Vinicio Stefanello leaves planetmountain.com. The site, which for 22 years has been a reference point for all those who love the mountains, mountaineering and climbing, continues under the leadership of Nicholas Hobley.

XS Eco, last days to test the new Vibram climbing rubber

These are the final days for the free Vibram customization of your climbing shoes with the new Vibram XS Eco compound, made with 20% of processing offcuts. Register on the Vibram Testerplace platform until 25 June; climbers will receive free resoling and become ‘testers’ of the new climbing rubber.

Vibram XS Eco, until 25 June the Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab

Until the 25th of June 2021 Vibram XS Eco, Vibram's new green climbing rubber, is the main feature of the Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab Virtual Tour. Register at Vibram Testerplace, receive free customisation of your climbing shoes and become ‘testers’ of the new compound.

Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab and the Vibram XS Eco climbing shoe rubber

Vibram XS Eco is the new green climbing shoe rubber which from today until the 25th of June main feature of the Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab. A limited number of climbers, by registering on the Vibram Testerplace platform, will receive a free customisation of their climbing shoes and become real 'testers' of the new climbing sole.

16.04.2021 by MyClimb (sponsor) in Climbing

Train like a Pro with the MyClimb app

MyClimb is the world's premier mobile climbing app. Designed to log climbs outdoors and indoors and track workouts in any location in the world, featuring climbing training with professional climbers to improve fitness and avoid injuries.

02.02.2021 by Planetmountain in Environment

Farewell to Galliano Bordin, founder of AKU

Galliano Bordin, the founder of the Italian footwear company AKU, passed away aged 85 on Saturday. The son of a family of shoemakers, Bordin founded the company at Montebelluna in Northern Italy and exported walking shoes, trekking and mountaineering boots and outdoor footwear to over 30 countries around the world including Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Climbing and climate change

How does our love for the mountains affect the climate? And what can we do to change this process? Germany's Lena Müller, who is currently doing a PhD on the effects of climate change at the University of Innsbruck and recently repeated the E9 Prinzip Hoffnung at Bürs, shares her thoughts.

17.05.2020 by Ragni di Lecco in Alpinism

A beer with Berna: a drink on Sunday evening for Matteo Bernasconi

On Sunday 17 May 2020 at 18:30 the Italian Ragni di Lecco climbing club invites everyone to have a drink in memory of Matteo Bernasconi. Here is how the Ragni di Lecco, to which Berna belonged, explain the initiative.

23.04.2020 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

The mountains won’t wait. By Enrico Veronese, Giovanni Zaccaria

The video, photos and words of Giovanni Zaccaria and Enrico Veronese about how, once again, the mountains can inspire us.

21.04.2020 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Matterhorn guides raise over €14,000 with charity sale of historic Échelle Jordan ladder

The Italian Matterhorn Guides have raised € 14,631 with the sale of the historic Échelle Jordan, the original rope ladder used by thousands of mountaineers on their way to the summit of the Matterhorn. The money will go to charities fighting the coronavirus.

09.04.2020 by Vinicio Stefanello in Alpinism

Rosso 70, online the mountaineering, memories and life of the Scoiattoli di Cortina

Courtesy of the Scoiattoli di Cortina we have published online Rosso 70: Stories and memories of 70 years of alpinism of the Scoiattoli di Cortina. The film by Vinicio Stefanello and Francesco Mansutti retraces the first 70 years of the historic and famous Italian mountaineering club established in the Dolomites in 1939.

01.04.2020 by Planetmountain in Environment

La Sportiva produces face masks to combat coronavirus pandemic

Everyone is united, even the outdoor world against Covid-19: La Sportiva has converted part of its production to create lab coats and face masks for the Province of Trento to combat the coronavirus emergency.

28.03.2020 by Eleonora Delnevo in Environment

Eleonora Delnevo: the sound of the epidemic affecting us all

'This is my city. This is Bergamo. This is the sound of the epidemic affecting us all.' Italian mountaineer Eleonora Delnevo shares the pain of her city battling against the coronavirus.

Do your part

Now more than ever we are called upon to do our part. We must stay at home for everyone’s good, in order to regain happiness and also the freedom to return to the mountains.

20.03.2020 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Tamara Lunger home training

Join South Tyrolean mountaineer Tamara Lunger every two days as she broadcasts her home training on her Instagram channel. A home workout to stay in shape and have fun.

18.03.2020 by Klaas Willems in Climbing

Klaas Willems: Cystic Fibrosis, Coronavirus and why further apart is closer together

Extremely talented Belgian climber Klaas Willems, affected by Cystic Fibrosis, appeals to the climbing community to stay at home to decrease the spread of the Coronavirus.

16.03.2020 by Vinicio Stefanello in Alpinism

Partnership vs Coronavirus

We are called upon to face one of the biggest tests of our time, one the must deal with the utmost difficulties. In order to do so we must use all our strength and experience. And we must do it all together. Only then will everything be fine.




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