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04.10.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Video: Sébastien Bouin climbing Biographie at Céüse

The video of French climber Seb Bouin repeating Biographie, the 9a+ at Céüse freed in 2001 by Chris Sharma. Featuring Arnaud Petit and Sylvain Millet.

26.02.2020 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Young French FFME team with Arnaud Petit establish new route in Wadi Rum, Jordan

French mountain guide Arnaud Petit and Jonathan Crison have led a young FFME expedition to Jordan where they established a new route up Jebel Rum in the Wadi Rum massif. Voie du Coeur (430m, 7c+ max, 7b obligatory) was first ascended with Eline Le Menestrel, Solène Amoros, Eloi Peretti, Romaric Geffroy, Guillaume Colin and Thoma Meignan

13.10.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Corsica climbing, new Bavella multi-pitch by Arnaud Petit & Co

In the Bavella massif in Corsica, Laurent Auguste, Manoël Couprie, Emmanuel Faber, Arnaud Petit and Jean-Claude Razel have made the first ascent of the multi-pitch rock climb La danse de Ganesh up Punta di U Corbu.

20.07.2019 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Nina Caprez flys up Grand Capucin Voie Petit

Swiss climber Nina Caprez has made a fast repeat of Voie Petit, up Grand Capucin (3838m), Mont Blanc. Established in 1997 by Arnaud Petit, Stephanie Bodet, Pascal Gaudin and Jean-Paul Petit, this 450m 8b multi-pitch was freed by Alexander Huber in 2005.

27.06.2018 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Arnaud Petit and French team add new route to Tsaranoro Atsimo in Madagascar

A French FFME expedition to Madagascar led by Arnaud Petit and Jonathan Crison has established Soavadia, a 600m new rock climb up Tsaranoro Atsimo.

06.09.2017 by Pavel Kratochvíl in Alpinism

L'or du temps on Grand Capucin, Slovaks claim first free ascent

The report by 16-year-old Slovak climber Pavel Kratochvíl who on 27/08/2017 with Róbert Luby (21) and Martin Krasňanský (34) made the first free ascent of L'or du temps, the new route put up on Grand Capucin, Mont Blanc, by Nina Caprez and Arnaud Petit.

18.08.2017 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

L'or du temps, new climb up Grand Capucin by Arnaud Petit and Nina Caprez

Over 4 days this summer France’s Arnaud Petit and Switzerland’s Nina Caprez made the first ascent of L'or du temps, a new route up the South Face of Grand Capucin, Mont Blanc massif.

09.07.2016 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Caroline Ciavaldini repeats Voie Petit on Grand Capucin, Mont Blanc

French climber Caroline Ciavaldini has repeated Voie Petit, the 450m 8b multi-pitch climb on Grand Capucin (3838m), Mont Blanc first ascended in 1997 by Arnaud Petit, Stephanie Bodet, Pascal Gaudin and Jean-Paul Petit and freed in 2005 by Alexander Huber.

11.02.2016 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Video: Arnaud Petit, Read Macadam and Alex Ruscior climbing in Oman

The second video of Arnaud Petit, Read Macadam and Alex Ruscior in Oman, where they climbed at Hadash and the mountain Jebel Misht.

05.02.2016 by Arnaud Petit in Climbing

Oman sport climbing gems discovered by Petit, Macadam, Ruscior

The climbing report by French climber Arnaud Petit who in January 2016, together with Read Macadam and Alex Ruscior, established a host of new sport climbs in the Valley of Giants and Wadi Bani Khalid in Oman, before repeating routes at Hadash and on Jebel Misht.

27.03.2014 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Corsica new climb by Arnaud Petit and Jeff Arnoldi

French climbers Arnaud Petit and Jeff Arnoldi have completed Le non-sens et la joie (8a, 250m), a new route up the West face of Capu Cascioni, close to Porto on the western side of Corsica

19.06.2013 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Damai Sentosa, new route on Dragon's Horns in Malaysia

In April 2013, Stephanie Bodet, Yong Liu, Arnaud Petit, David Kaszlikowski and Tam Khairudin Haja made the first ascent of Damai Sentosa (280m, 6c+, 6b+ oblig) up the Dragon Horns (Bukit Nenek Simukut) on Tioman Island, Malaysia.

17.06.2013 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Jeef, the route and the beauty of climbing in Bavella, Corsica

In praise of climbing and nature's beauty. This is Jeef, the route first ascended in 1992 by the French brothers François & Arnaud Petit on Punta U Corbu in Bavella (Corsica). A small masterpiece, examined by Maurizio Oviglia and Arnaud Petit.

18.09.2012 by Maurizio Oviglia in Alpinism

Ala Daglar, climbing in Turkey through the eyes of Petit and Bodet

Arnaud Petit and Stephanie Bodet recently climbed in the Ala Daglar massif in Turkey where they carried out, amongst others, the first repeat of Red moon and Star put up by Rolando Larcher and Luca Giupponi.

24.08.2012 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Bodet and Petit at the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Dolomites

At the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Italian Dolomites the French climbers Stephanie Bodet and Arnaud Petit have repeated Alpenliebe and Camillotto Pellesier. Bodet shares her thoughts about these two climbs.

20.09.2011 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Arnaud Petit spills the beans about Black Bean, Ceuse

Interview with French climber Arnaud Petit after his trad ascent of Black Bean 8b at, Ceuse, France.

05.09.2011 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Black Bean, 8b trad for Arnaud Petit at Ceuse

Arnaud Petit has climbed Black Bean 8b at Ceuse in France using trad gear only.

05.09.2011 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Black Bean, 8b trad for Arnaud Petit at Ceuse

Arnaud Petit has climbed Black Bean 8b at Ceuse in France using trad gear only.

24.05.2011 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Delicatessen, first repeat in Corsica's Bavella after 10 years by Nina Caprez, Cédric Lachat

Cédric Lachat and Nina Caprez have carried out the first and second repeat of Delicatessen at Punta d’u Corbu at Col de la Bavella, Corsica. The 120m high 8b was established by Arnaud Petit and Stéphane Husson in 1992 and freed by Arnaud in 2001.

03.05.2011 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Walou Bass in Taghia, new Morocco climb by Petit, Clouet and Oddo

In April 2011 a small French team comprised of Arnaud Petit, Aymeric Clouet and young Enzo Oddo travelled to the Taghia Gorge in Morocco where they created Walou Bass, a 150m climb with difficulties up to 8c.




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