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10.09.2015 by Maurizio Oviglia in Climbing

French belays on sea cliffs, lower off advice for sport climbing

Maurizio Oviglia, Italian Mountaineering Club Instructor, discusses a few basic rules that should be observed before lowering off a “French belay", consisting of two bolts and no abseil chain.

20.06.2015 by Planetmountain in Events

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy 2015 on Mont Blanc

From 12 - 14 June 2015 the 4th Arcteryx Alpine Academy took place at Chamonix. 340 participants from 25 countries took part in the event aimed at teaching mountain safety and improving mountain skills on Mont Blanc.

06.02.2015 by Pierpaolo Pedrini in Alpinism

Sappada abseil stations replaced on ice climbs

At Sappada, Northern Italy, the local mountain guides have replaced the abseil belays of more than 50 ice falls. The report by Pierpaolo Pedrini

03.02.2015 by Planetmountain in Gear

SCARPA: recall F1 Evo and F1 Evo Wmn

SCARPA recalls F1 Evo and F1 Evo WMN from the market

19.12.2014 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Crag certification and classification, bolter responsibilities and training: the French example and Philipp Brass interview

Interview with Philippe Brass, mountain guide and expert new routes, about crag certification and classification, the responsibilities new bolters have the the training they receive. By Maurizio Oviglia

15.08.2014 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Monte Rosa: twenty years of research by Ferrino

The Ferrino High-lab, located at an altitude of 3585m of the Valle d'Aosta side on Monte Rosa, celebrates 20 years. It is the highest laboratory in Italy. And it is up there that the company from Turin, the market leader for mountain outdoor products (and more), tests its tents and invites all outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy a unique experience: that of a real Base Camp!

29.04.2014 by Il Risuolatore in Gear

The art of resoling a climbing shoe

How to resole a climbing shoe, a walking boot or mountaineering boot.

Journalism, education and avalanches. 10 things worth knowing. By Giulio Caresio

In mid-February at Madesimo, Italy, the media was invited to an event aimed at educating journalists about how to promote the right mountain safety message in order to shape a mountain culture that is instrumental in preventing and reducing avalanche victims.

31.01.2014 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Manolo: climbing and informed choices

Some thoughts by Maurizio 'Manolo' Zanolla about climbing and the need to be conscious of the choices you make.

Avalanche emergency - the video Ortovox Safety Academy Lab

The video Avalanche emergency produced by Ortovox Safety Academy Lab for the new internet site dedicated to mountain safety.

08.12.2013 by Planetmountain in Climbing

The World's Worst Belayer

Video tutorial that explores some common belaying mistakes.

03.12.2013 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Ice climbing basics video: ice screw placement, anchors and V-threads

The video by Petzl that demonstrates proper ice screw placement technique, as well as how to set an anchor and a v-thread in waterfall ice.

Ortovox: avalanche airbag safety recommendations

Ortovox: Safety recommendations avalanche airbag Tour 32+7 ABS & Tour 30+7 W ABS

03.07.2013 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Climbers Against Cancer: first donation to Australian research

The Cancer Council Australia has received a £10,000 donation from the initiative Climbers against Cancer.

21.06.2013 by Nicholas Hobley in Alpinism

Arc'teryx Alpine Arc'ademy: a weekend of mountaineering and safety on Mont Blanc

Alpinism, courses, safety and fun on stunning Mont Blanc. The simple recipe of the Arc'teryx Alpine Academy 2013 that took place from 14 - 16 June at Chamonix to find out more about climbing and alpinism.

19.04.2013 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Avalanche at Saint Christophe en Oisans in France

The film of the avalanche of snow and rocks opposite the via Ferrata de Saint Christophe en Oisans in France.

17.04.2013 by Planetmountain in Gear

Safety Information: Petzl ZIGZAG mechanical prusik

The French company Petzl has issued the following press release concerning the mechanical prusik ZIGZAG for arborists.

19.03.2013 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Climbing Technology: the test results of Via Ferrata Sets with rope friction technology

Official press release from Climbing Technology concering their rope friction based Via Ferrata Sets.

25.02.2013 by Planetmountain in Gear

UIAA press release: Second wave of via ferrata set recalls within six months

We have received and published the press release of the UIAA concerning the second recall in the last six months of Rope-friction Via Ferrata sets. We hope that in the near future this official press release will be translated in the languages of other countries concerned. On their websites a selection of manufacturers have already published the steps that need to be followed for the recalled products.

20.12.2012 by Emanuele Pellizzari in Gear

Lab test of carabiners used at belay stations

A sample of carabiners and quickdraws have been tested and analised by Emanuele Pellizzari at the Italian Mountaineering Club Gear and Techniques laboratory at Taggì di Sopra, Villafranca Padovana, Padova, Italy.




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