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Evgeny Kryvosheytsev, Valle di Daone 2006
Photo by Giulio Malfer
Evgeny Kryvosheytsev, Valle di Daone 2003
Photo by Giulio Malfer
Evgeny Kryvosheytsev, Valle di Daone 2003
Photo by Planetmountain.com
Evgeny Kryvosheytsev, Valle di Daone 2003
Photo by Planetmountain.com

A help for Evgeny Kryvosheytsev in Ukraine


Michael Pupeza, Anna Torretta and Stéphanie Maureau have launched a crowdfunding appeal to help Evgeny Kryvosheytsev, the talented climber and ice climber in difficulty due to the war in Ukraine.

For the last two months we are witnessing the horrors of a war in the center of Europe. Some of us, with rage and horror, but as outsiders; others, more involved given relatives or close friends in Ukraine. During the years of my involvement with ice climbing competitions, I got to know and befriend a wonderful person. Not just an outstanding rock and ice climber right at the top during the last 20+ years, but also an exceptional human being: Evgeny Kryvosheytsev of (now) embatteled Odessa, in Ukraine.

His wife and under-age daughter sought refuge with acquaintances abroad. He and their son remained to defend their land. We know how desperate the situation is from Evgeny’s postings. Sending back tearful e-mojies is almost a heartless minimum. I dare calling it, almost disrespectful to the sufferings of the sufferers. We can do more.

Some weeks ago I initiated privately a funds collection campaign for Evgeny’s family and was joined by two other exceptional human beings, both mountain guides: Anna Torretta of Courmayeur and Stéphanie Maureau of Chamonix. They came up with the excellent idea to create a crowdfunding to benefit the Kryvosheytsevs.

Sites take too high a percentage, and we would like to provide as much financial help as possibile. The best way to help Krivo and his family right now is to make a donation via PayPal to this address: evgenykryvoshetsev@gmail.com. Before the war he ran a sports shop in Odessa, now he’s managing aid distribution.

It goes without saying that the situation in Ukraine is dramatic.

Michael Pupeza, Anna Torretta, Stéphanie Maureau


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