Mia Krampl, Jakob Schubert win Arco Rock Master Duel 2019

The Rock Master Duel was won in Arco, Italy, on Saturday night in front of a huge crowd by Mia Krampl from Slovenia and Jakob Schubert from Austria.
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Adam Ondra vs Jakob Schubert competing in the Rock Master Duel 2019

On Saturday night the Climbing Stadium in Arco, Italy, hosted the Rock Master Duel, an exciting format that since 2000 has provided fans the opportunity to watch the best of the best battle it out on two identical, parallel routes.

Lead World Champion Adam Ondra aimed to win his fifth consecutive Duel, a feat he was unable to achieve due to Jakob Schubert: "This is the first time I've beaten Adam in the Duel, I think; I was even able to go under the minute improving challenge after challenge."

After his initial disappointment the Ondra congratulated his colleague: "I had fun, Jakob was very strong and we had a great final. It took me a bit longer, but it was important to go under the minute and I did it. The Duel means fun because there's no pressure and I hope it stays that way". The crowd filled the entire Climbing Stadium and applauded Jan Hojer who beat Max Rudigier in the small final.

The women’s Duel was less balanced. Mia Krampl beat, not just once but twice, Britain’s Molly Thompson Smith after their first run all the way to the top hold to be cancelled due to a false start

"What an Incredible year, it's the first time for me here at the Duel and it was interesting to try something new. With Janja Garnbret and myself the Slovenian climbing movement is going from strength to strength. Training with the best is great" commented the the Lead Vice-World Champion after the race.

In the final for the third place Laura Rogora achieved another great result - after winning Youth World Championship gold in Boulder, Lead and Combined - and finished third in the Duel: "Now there’s finally time for some rest. The Duel is a competition without pressure and that’s why it is unique". Slovenia’s Mina Markovic placed fouth: "The route was beautiful, I'm very happy to be back and to have taken part in the final, Arco is a paradise for our sport".

Rock Master Duel

1. Jakob Schubert AUT; 2. Adam Ondra CZE; 3. Jan Hojer GER; 4. Max Rudigier AUT

1. Mia Krampl SLO; 2. Molly Thompson-Smith GBR; 3. Laura Rogora ITA; 4.Mina Markovic SLO

1987 Lynn Hill (USA) - Stefan Glowacz (GER)
1988 Lynn Hill (USA) – Patrick Edlinger (FRA), Stefan Glowacz (GER)
1989 Lynn Hill (USA) - Didier Raboutou (FRA)
1990 Lynn Hill (USA) - François Legrand (FRA)
1991 Isabelle Patissier (FRA) - Yuji Hirayama (JPN)
1992 Lynn Hill (USA) - Stefan Glowacz (GER)
1993 Susi Good (SUI) - Elie Chevieux (SUI)
1994 Robyn Erbesfield (USA) - François Legrand (FRA)
1995 Laurence Guyon (USA) - François Lombard (FRA)
1996 Katie Brown (USA) - François Lombard (FRA)
1997 Katie Brown (USA) - François Legrand (FRA)
1998 Liv Sansoz (FRA) - François Legrand (FRA)
1999 Muriel Sarkany (BEL) - Eugeny Ovtchinnikov (RUS)
2000 Muriel Sarkany (BEL) - Eugeny Ovtchinnikov (RUS)
2001 Muriel Sarkany (BEL), Martina Cufar (SLO) - Christian Bindhammer (GER), Tomas Mrazek (CZ), Yuji Hirayama (JPN)
2002 Sandrine Levet (FRA) - Alexandre Chabot (FRA)
2003 Angela Eiter (AUT) - Alexandre Chabot (FRA)
2004 Angela Eiter (AUT) - Alexandre Chabot (FRA)
2005 Angela Eiter (AUT) - Ramòn Julien Puigblanque (ESP)
2006 Sandrine Levet (FRA) - Ramòn Julien Puigblanque (ESP)
2007 Angela Eiter (AUT) - Ramòn Julien Puigblanque (ESP)
2008 Johanna Ernst (AUT) - Patxi Usobiaga (ESP)
2009 Angela Eiter (AUT) - Ramòn Julien Puigblanque (ESP)
2010 Kim Jain (JPN) - Ramòn Julien Puigblanque (ESP) - IFSC CWC Pre-event
2011 Chereshneva Yana (RUS) - Adam Ondra (CZE)
2012 Angela Eiter (AUT) - Ramòn Julien Puigblanque (ESP)
2013 Mina Markovič (SLO) - Ramòn Julien Puigblanque (ESP)
2014 Magdalena Röck (AUT) - Sachi Amma (JPN)
2015 Hélène Janicot (FRA) - Adam Ondra (CZE)
2016 Janja Garnbret (SLO) - Adam Ondra (CZE)
2017 Julia Chanourdie (FRA) - Adam Ondra (CZE)
2018 Janja Garnbret (SLO) - Adam Ondra (CZE)
2019 Mia Krampl (SLO) - Jakob Schubert (AUT)

Info: www.rockmasterfestival.com

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