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Tito Traversa climbing "Je est un autre" a Castillon
Photo by arch Tito Traversa
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Goodbye Tito Traversa


Tito Traversa died yesterday at the age of 12 as a result of a terrible climbing accident at Orpierre in France. He was one of climbing's youngest prodigies. The entire climbing world is shocked and deeply saddened by his death.

Friday, July 5, a black, black day. Tito Traversa failed to make it, the talented young climber from Ivrea, Italy, who was seriously injured last Tuesday in a climbing accident, for reasons which are still officially unclear, from a route in Orpierre in France. His condition was immediately recognised as being extremely serious, so much so that he was hospitalised in Grenoble where, due to the awful head injury, he was placed in a medically induced coma.

The news of the terrible accident and the tragic death of the 12 year-old has shocked and shaken the entire climbing community who rightly identified in Tito a young boy with a boundless joy, passion and talent for climbing. Tito's dedication and determination was extraordinary and his champion-like drive resulted in ascents which were quite simply incredible: his first 8a when he was only 8 in 2010, followed by his first 8b aged 9 and his first 8b+ when he was 10. These numbers placed him among the strongest young climbers in the world and indicated that a great future lay in store, not only for Tito, but also for the entire climbing movement.

On Friday afternoon these numbers and dreams lost all their meaning. His parents Barbara Sirio and Giovanni Traversa agreed to having his organs donated. To them, and to great little Tito, we extend everyone's most sincere condolences.


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Tito Traversa, Sarsifal 8b+ at Tetto di Sarre
Tito Traversa, Sarsifal 8b+ at Tetto di Sarre
On 29/03/2012 at the Tetto di Sarre (Valle d'Aosta, Italy) Tito Traversa sent Sarsifal, his first 8b+.
Eva Scroccaro and Tito Traversa, young Italians on the rise
Eva Scroccaro and Tito Traversa, young Italians on the rise
Eva Scroccaro repeats "Il Padrone Assoluto" 8a/8a+ at Napoleonica and the video of Tito Traversa climbing "Je est un autre" 8b at Castillon in France, filmed by Andrea Tosi.
Tito Traversa, 8b at Tetto di Sarre
Tito Traversa, 8b at Tetto di Sarre
On 24/03/2011 Tito Traversa sent his second 8b, Criptonite at the Tetto di Sarre in Italy
Tito Traversa, a summer and winter on the rise
Tito Traversa, a summer and winter on the rise
A report of a summer and winter spent climbing by Tito Traversa who, aged nine, has now sent his first 8b, "Je est un autre" at Castillon (France)
Tito Traversa, 8a at 8 years of age
Tito Traversa, 8a at 8 years of age
8-year-old Tito Traversa has redpointed his first 8a, Faith at Donnas in Valle d'Aosta, Italy




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