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04.06.2022 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Watch Climbing With a Legend / Jerry Moffatt on Training and Climbing Performance

The video featuring Jerry Moffatt, Stian Christophersen and Martin Mobråten sharing insights into training for climbing and performing at your best.

18.02.2022 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Jerry Moffat's Frankenjura Stone Love in Lines Of Legends

The second episode of Lines Of Legends directed by Yuri Palma features Andrea and Marco Zanone versus Stone Love, the famous 8b+ first ascended by British rock climber Jerry Moffatt in Germany's Frankenjura in 1988.

Josune Bereziartu, Lynn Hill, Luisa Iovane: three women who have left their mark in the history of rock climbing

Three women, and three climbs, which helped change the course of rock climbing: Luisa Iovane on Comeback in Val San Nicolò in 1986, Lynn Hill on The Nose in 1993 and Josune Bereziartu on Bain de Sang in 2002. Our article written in conjunction with Vibram, to celebrate climbing yesterday, today and tomorrow as part of their 'Learn to Climb with Vibram' project.

03.10.2021 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Stellar Laura Rogora makes first repeat of 9b/+ Erebor at Arco in Italy

Laura Rogora has made the first repeat of Erebor at the crag Eremo di San Paolo close to Arco. Graded 9b/+ and established by Stefano Ghisolfi in January 2021, it is considered the most difficult sport climb in Italy. This is the first time a woman has climbed a route of this difficulty.

23.09.2021 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Alex Megos 9a flash on Intermezzo XY gelöst at Plombergstein, Austria

German climber Alexander Megos has made a first-go ascent of Intermezzo XY gelöst 9a at Plombergstein in Austria.

24.08.2021 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Matilda Söderlund repeats Parzival, 8b multipitch on Westliche Dreifaltigkeit in Switzerland

On Thursday 19 August Swedish rock climber Matilda Söderlund repeated Parzival (8b, 150m) on Westliche Dreifaltigkeit in Switzerland.

09.05.2021 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Claudia Ghisolfi grand on Noia 8c+ at Andonno

At Andonno in Italy 24-year-old climber Claudia Ghisolfi has repeated Noia, the legendary 8c+ established in 1993 by Severino Scassa.

18.02.2021 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Simon Lorenzi talks Soudain seul, his 9A boulder problem at Fontainebleau in France

Interview with Simon Lorenzi after the first ascent of Soudain seul, ie the sit start to Big Island at Fontainebleau in France, which the Belgian rock climber has graded 9A.

20.11.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Mélissa Le Nevé Action Directe trailer

The trailer of the film that documents Melissa Le Nevé making the first female ascent of Action Directe, the world’s most revered 9a put up by Wolfgang Güllich in the Frankenjura

28.09.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Remembering Kurt Albert, German climbing legend and father of the redpoint

Precisely 10 years ago German climbing legend Kurt Albert died at the age of 56. He invented the redpoint philosophy in Frankenjura in 1975, considered nowadays the standard for sport climbing worldwide, and established numerous important rock climbs and big walls across the globe.

24.09.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Simon Lorenzi sends Quoi de neuf classic roof bloc at Orsay in France

The video of Belgian climber Simon Lorenzi on Quoi de neuf, an 8B + boulder problem at Orsay in France.

17.09.2020 by Giacomo Meliffi. in Climbing

Giacomo Meliffi makes free solo ascent of Legoland, legendary crack climb in Valle dell’Orco

Italian climber Giacomo Meliffi has made a free solo ascent of Legoland, the famous crack climb in Valle dell’Orco, Italy.

31.07.2020 by Nicholas Hobley in Interviews

Ben Moon / The British rock climbing legend interview

Interview with British rock climber Ben Moon, one of the world’s greatest rock climbers throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s with landmark first ascents such one of Britain’s first 8a, Statement of Youth at Lower Pen Trwyn in Wales and Hubble at Raven Tor, hailed as the world’s first 8c+ and increasingly considered the world’s first 9a.

28.07.2020 by Nicholas Hobley in Interviews

Laura Rogora: the second woman to climb 9b interview

Interview with 19-year old Italian climber Laura Rogora after her repeat at Rodellar in Spain of Ali hulk sit extension total, thanks to which she became the second woman in the world to climb 9b.

26.07.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Laura Rogora climbs 9b at Rodellar in Spain!

At Rodellar in Spain Laura Rogora has redpointed Ali hulk sit extension total, becoming only the second woman in the world to climb 9b.

24.07.2020 by Nicholas Hobley in Interviews

Adam Ondra onsights Il Maratoneta, Manolo’s historic 8b+ at Paklenica in Croatia

Interview with Czech rock climber Adam Ondra who has made the first onsight of Il Maratoneta, the first 8b+ in Croatia freed by Maurizio 'Manolo' Zanolla in 1987 and at the time one of the hardest climbs in the world. Furthermore, he has made the first ascent of Genius Loci 9a which adds a variation start to Il Maratoneta.

09.07.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Alexander Megos frees Upgrade U, hardest boulder problem in Frankenjura

The video of German climber Alex Megos making the first ascent of Upgrade U, an 8C boulder problem in the Frankenjura, Germany.

04.07.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Alexander Megos completes first 'brushpoint' of Frankenjura 8c

The video of German climber Alex Megos climbing Father and Son (8c) in Frankenjura in Germany, brushing each hold immediately after using it...

08.06.2020 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Laura Rogora, the Pure Dreaming Plus 9a+ interview

Interview with Laura Rogora who redpointed Pure Dreaming Plus at Massone close to Arco, Italy and became the first Italian woman to climb 9a+.

07.06.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Laura Rogora repeats Underground, first female ascent of historical testpiece at Massone

Sport climbing at Arco Italy: at Massone Laura Rogora has made the first female ascent of Underground, a historic 9a established in 1998 by Manfred Stuffer.




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