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21.11.2019 by Eliza Kubarska in Climbing

Dragon Horns Tioman Island, Malaysia Mystery Wall revealed

Eliza Kubarska provides the latest updates about the climbing on the elusive Mystery Wall situated in the Dragon Horns massif on Tioman Island in Malaysia.

30.04.2019 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Jannu East Face, Dmitry Golovchenko and Sergey Nilov complete their Unfinished Sympathy

Interview with Dmitry Golovchenko after the 18-day alpine style first ascent of a new route up the East Face of Jannu in the Nepalese Himalaya with Sergey Nilov. The two Russian mountaineers have called their climb Unfinished Sympathy (ED, 2500m)

20.05.2016 by Nicola Wallin in Climbing

Malaysia / new multi-pitch climb on Tioman island by Jonas Wallin and David Kaszlikowski

In April 2016 Jonas Wallin from Sweden and David Kaszlikowski from Poland established Fever Dreams (7c max, 9 pitches) on the previously unclimbed Mumbar cliff in the Dragon Horns massif on Tioman island, Malaysia. To access the mountain team had to find and cut new trail in the jungle.

19.06.2013 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Damai Sentosa, new route on Dragon's Horns in Malaysia

In April 2013, Stephanie Bodet, Yong Liu, Arnaud Petit, David Kaszlikowski and Tam Khairudin Haja made the first ascent of Damai Sentosa (280m, 6c+, 6b+ oblig) up the Dragon Horns (Bukit Nenek Simukut) on Tioman Island, Malaysia.

12.05.2011 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Polish Princess, new route on Dragon’s Horns in Malaysia by Kaszlikowski and Kubarska

In April 2011 Eliza Kubarska and David Kaszlikowski from Poland established Polish Princess (7b+max, 270m) on Dragon Horns (Bukit Nanek Simukut) on Tioman Island, Malaysia.

31.08.2009 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Greenland climbing – new routes by Eliza Kubarska and David Kaszlikowski

In August Eliza Kubarska and David Kaszlikowski from Poland climbed a virgin peak and established two big new routes in remote area of Torsukattak fjord in southern Greenland.

29.10.2007 by PlanetMountain in Climbing

Babel Taghia Gorge, Morocco

Fred Gentet, Nicolas Kalisz, Stéphanie Bodet and Arnaud Petit have made the first ascent of Babel (7c+, 800m) in Morocco's Taghia Gorge

27.09.2007 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Golden Lunacy first ascent on Maujit Qaqarssuasia, Greenland

In August Polish mountaineers David Kaszlikowski and Eliza Kubarska made a first ascent of 'Golden Lunacy' (2000m UIAA VIII +, 7a+ max.) on Maujit Qaqarssuasia wall in the Torssakutak fjord, Greenland.

15.06.2005 by PlanetMountain.com in Climbing

Taghia Fantasia, Morocco

In May 2005 Eliza Kubarska, Przemek Klimek and David Kaszlikowski made the first ascent of one of the longest free climbs in the Atlas mountain range (Taghia), Fantasia 7b+/c, 700m on Tagouimmt N’Tsouiannt, Morocco.

09.07.2004 by PlanetMountain.com in Climbing

Barracuda Taghia Gorge, Morocco

In June 2004 a small Polish team comprised of David Kaszlikowski, Eliza Kubarska and Borek Szybinski freed the new multi-pitch “Barracuda” (600m, 7c+ max. 7a+ obligatory) on Mount Oujdad (2695m), Taghia Gorge in June 2004




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