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Melloblocco, the world's biggest bouldering and climbing meeting, returns to Val di Mello - Val Masino, Italy from 30 April to 4 May 2014.
Photo by archivio Melloblocco
Simone Pedeferri on Rolling Stones: preparations for Melloblocco 2014
Photo by Melloblocco backstage / Manuel Orlandi
Preparations for Melloblocco 2014: the new area is almost ready
Photo by Melloblocco backstage
Preparations for Melloblocco 2014: the treasure map, drawn by Simone Pedeferri
Photo by Melloblocco backstage

Melloblocco 2014 - simply climbing


From 30 April to 4 May 2014 Melloblocco, the world's biggest bouldering and climbing meeting, returns to Val di Mello - Val Masino, Italy. Almost 1200 climbers have already pre-registered for this event. Simone Pedeferri and the team of route setters are hard at work preparing the boulder problems and new areas of this 11th edition.

Climbing and great bouldering as the focal point. Magnificent rock faces and incredible boulders, sharing the sky above the green alpine meadows, just like a superb outdoor theatre. And thousands of boulderers and climbers as key players. In a word: Melloblocco. Once again - and for the 11th year running - the world's biggest and most famous international bouldering meeting will transform into a destination and opportunity for everyone to relive a collective ritual.

The date is set for Wednesday 30 April at 17:00 with the official start. Then, from Thursday 1 to Sunday 4 May, the undisputed star will be climbing up the thousand valley boulders. There's something for everyone, for all shapes and sizes and for everybody's imagination. For beginners. For the youngest. For the champions. For those who want to test themselves against the difficult competition problems. And for those who, quite simply, love the game of climbing within a great natural backdrop.

Apart from the climbing there will of course be time and space to listen to music and to celebrate. To get together and talk about bouldering. To see this year's best videos. To take part in the evening with the champions - these include Stefan Glowacz, Christian Core & Stella Marchisio, Steve McClure, Barbara Zangerl, Sachi Amma, Mayan Smith Gobat, Ben Rueck, Alex Luger, Lukas Irmler, Stevie Haston, Jacopo Larcher and Pietro Dal Prà … Not to mention the long list of other top climbers (the world's best) who, like every year, will rise to the challenge on the new problems invented by climbing artist Simone Pedeferri.

As usual the only, great rule that all share is showing the valley respect. Because Melloblocco and climbing exist, and will continue to exist, as long as there are natural habitats such as Val Masino e la Val di Mello. And as long as the beneath the blue sky there is the desire to share the joy, simple and intense, of climbing. Yes, Melloblocco is simply climbing and nature. Perhaps this is the reason for its success and its numbers?

Melloblocco is open to all: info, program and registration on the official site: www.melloblocco.it
For the latest updates about Melloblocco Backstage, visit: Facebook Mello Blocco Backstage

The events will take place at Melloblocco® Village, at Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna. Please read carefully the notices at the bottom of this page.

Wednesday, April 30th – Melloblocco® - Start!
17:00 Start of Melloblocco 2014 registrations
18:30 Opening of the exhibition AcquaMello – Watercolours by Kim Sommerschield
21:00 Melloblocco 2014 official opening
21:30 Live-music at Melloblocco Village

Thursday, May 1st – Melloblocco® - Sponsor Village
08:30 Opening Melloblocco Village
09-18 Bouldering time
10-18 Judges at the prize-award boulders
19-20 Meetings, aperitifs, live-music at Melloblocco Village
20:30 adidas presents its athletes at Melloblocco
21:00 Steve McLure presents "A Window of Opportunity", with Marmot
22:00 Jacopo Larcher presents "Zembrocal – back to La Reunion"
23:00 Dj Set at Melloblocco Village

Friday, May 2nd – Melloblocco® - Let’s go bouldering!
09-18 Bouldering time
10-18 Judges at the prize-award boulders
10-14 "Mellobaby" meeting at Melloblocco Village
14-18 "Arrampicabile" meeting at Melloblocco Village
18:30 ERSAF-Comunità Montana- Riserva Val di Mello present the "CARIPLO Centro Polifunzionale Gym Project", with aperitif
19:00 Meetings, aperitifs, live-music at Melloblocco Village
20:30 Steve Haston presents new Grivel gear
21:00 Stefan Glowacz presents "At the End of the World – on Baffin Island" with Marmot
22:00 Mayan Smith Gobat, Ben Rueck &Sachi Amma present "Climbing around the world – Some insights from the adidas climbing team about their projects
23:00 Dj Set at Melloblocco Village

Saturday, May 3rd – Melloblocco® - Party
09-18 Bouldering time
10-18 Judges at the prize-award boulders
18-19 Meetings, aperitifs, live-music at Melloblocco Village
20:30 Pietro Dal Prà presents the new La Sportiva shoes and the "Sardinia Bloc Scouting" video
21:00 Christian Core and Stella Marchisio presents "I Core", with Marmot
22:00 Barbara Zangerl, Alex Luger & Lukas Irmler present "Babsi Zangerl rocks the hard climbs" & "Alex Luger Austrian hard liner plus – Some insights into the slackline world!" with adidas
23:00 Melloblocco® Party
00:00 Dj Set at Melloblocco Village

Sunday, May 4th – Melloblocco® - The drawing of the curtains
09-15 Bouldering time
10-15 Judges at the prize-award boulders
15-17 Prize awarding ceremony, draw and closure of Melloblocco 2014

Registration to Melloblocco®: the Event Office is at the Melloblocco Village at Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna in Filorera.
Registration time: from 5 pm till to 10 pm of Wednesday, April 30th 2014 and from 8:30 am till to 10 pm the next days.
Registration fee: 15,00 € for the whole event.
With the registration you receive the "event kit", a Melloblocco canvas bag containing a Melloblocco T-shirt, the map with the boulders chosen for the 2014 edition and the gadgets offered by the sponsors. Please keep the numbered coupon attached to the map for the Sunday price draw. Please note that wearing or carrying with you the Melloblocco T-shirt you are entitled to free rides on the Melloblocco shuttles to the bouldering areas and, last but not least, you help supporting the event.
Melloblocco is for all: a "meeting" of champs, athletes, amateurs and absolute beginners. There are about ten marked hard-to-extreme boulders for each category – women and men – with a prize money which is going to be divided among those who send them.
Handing out of the "event kit" until available (2.500 kits).
We warmly invite you to pre-register here. Your pre-registration helps us prepare the event and is not binding. A great plus for the climbers in the pre-registered list: you will enter the on-line draw.

Throughout the event, free-of-charge shuttle transfer for the Melloblocco® participants to the boulder areas: non stop from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. Also, a minibus-shuttle service is granted from and to Morbegno railway station in the days of the event, please read here.

N.B.: the event is for climbers over 18; minors should be accompanied by a parent
Beware: the road to Val di Mello is closed to unauthorized cars.
Beware: camping is forbidden outside the camp-sites.
The event will also be held in case of rain (be equipped for it).
Participants must bring their own crash pads.
The organizers disclaim all responsibility for any injury occurring to participants.


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