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World Cup Boulder Grenoble


Pons wins the penultimate stage at Grenoble and clinches overall victory in Bouldering World Cup 2000. Liv Sansoz wins women's event.

An estimated 3500 people gathered at Grenoble 's Paul Mistral park last weekend to watch the fifth stage of the Bouldering World Cup 2000, won by the Spaniard Pedro Pons, ahead of the Frenchmen Daniel Dulac and Jérôme Meyer. With this victory Pons also wins the overall Bouldering World Cup 2000 title, even before the final stage in Rovereto, Italy.

The women's event, moved forward a day to Friday and Saturday evening, was won convincingly by French Liv Sansoz, who proved to be a cut above the rest. German Tanja Bauer placed second and French Sandrine Levet third.
The route setters Jacky Godoffe, François Leonardon, François Lombard and Laurent Boudier set problems of which organisers dreams are made of: an elegant mix of powerful moves, micro-edges, horrible slopers and dynos from one hold to the next. The crowd loved it.

Pedro Pons sent the crowd wild when he misread a move above the zone on the last problem. His eyes searched for a way out and, just when everybody thought he would fall, he leapt to the top, missing out two crucial holds! The route setters hadn't thought of this and most competitors had fallen off those holds.

So the Bouldering World Cup 2000 title mathematically goes to Pedro Pons. The real duel is now between Stephane Julien, Daniel Dulac and the Russian Salavat Rakmetov, who will contend for second and third place in Rovereto for the final stage of the World Cup circuit.

An brief interview with the first four men before the Final

Pedro Pons
I think I've got a better chance than the others who are here, I felt good at Milau perhaps because I didn't suffer the heat as much as the others.

Salavat Rachmetov
I'm here for myself and I want to do my best. The boulder problems have become a lot harder, I hope to do well but above all I really want to do the comp. A stage like Chamonix, my best performance to date, would be nice.

Stephane Julien
I hope win a place on the podium. Obviously I'm here to give it my best shot but I don't know how it'll go. My best comp was Greece and the worst Munich, where I finished tenth. Let's see how it goes today… I feel on form.

Daniel Dulac
I started the Bouldering World Cup immediately after a trip to Brasil. I was really tired after the trip but now I've trained like a madman and I'm on form. I can't allow myself to make any mistakes and I'm here to do my best. I'm really motivated after Munich. Argentiere was really important too, not just because I won.

A final question to the defending World Cup Bouldering Champion Christian Core, who decided to take part in the competitions even though he has a finger injury. Last year you won in Grenoble, how will it go this year?

I've decided to take part and we'll see… I hope for the best. If things go well, then I'll also take part in Rovereto. Then, if I don't injure myself further, I'll take a long lay off and get better before stating to train again. I'm fine on rock, I can pull really hard, let's see how it goes today in the competition.

 Results men
1Pons Pedro
2Dulac Daniel
3Meyer Jérôme
3Andrada Daniel
5Julien Stephane
6Cristian Core
7Tuscan Frédéric
8Julien Meral
9Golob Jurij
10Timmy Fairfield

 Results women
1Sansoz Liv
2Bauer Tanja
3Levet Sandrine
4Bibik Olga
5Haager Nicola
6Martin Delphine
7Perlova Natalia
8Minnoret Chloé
9Novikova Natalia
10Theroux Corinne





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