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Ben Moon campus boarding in the film The Real Thing
Photo by Ben Moon archive
Ben Moon on the classic boulder problem Karma at Fontainebleau
Photo by A Muerte
Jerry Moffatt and Ben Moon committed to training in Jerry’s cellar in Sheffield.
Photo by Moffatt Collection
Ben Moon making the first ascent of Hubble at Raven Tor, England, in 1990: the world's first 8c+, possibly even the world's first 9a
Photo by Ben Moon archive

The Real Thing, cult climbing film with Ben Moon and Jerry Moffat 25 years later


The Real Thing celebrates its 25th anniversary. Featuring Ben Moon, Jerry Moffatt, Sean Myles, Kurt Albert and Marc Le Menestrel, this was the first feature length bouldering movie. Ben Moon shares his vision 25 years on.

25 years ago, in 1996, I teamed up with my friend and climbing partner Jerry Moffatt and film maker Simon Tucker, to make the first feature length bouldering movie The Real Thing. At the time I was 30 years old and a professional climber, and had been climbing full-time since leaving school at 16. The sport of rock climbing had seen massive changes in that time and the changes weren’t about to stop any time soon. One of the biggest changes that was about to happen was that bouldering would become an end in itself and that 100s of 1000s of people would only boulder, and that a large majority of these would only boulder indoors in huge, purpose-built bouldering gyms all over the world.

At the time that we made The Real Thing both Jerry and I had been bouldering extensively both indoors and outdoors, home and away, for many years, but it was mainly as a form of training for sport climbing. We both loved climbing and had pretty much dedicated our lives to it, and we wanted to make a film that conveyed what made climbing so special to us. Climbing, for me, is far more than just a sport and we both felt that bouldering was climbing distilled. We felt that a film about a road trip to Fontainebleau, the Mecca of bouldering, would be the perfect vehicle to convey what we felt was so special about climbing.

The Real Thing 25 years on is a short documentary that looks back at the making of the original bouldering movie. I hope you enjoy both films.

by Ben Moon

The Real Thing 25 Years on

The Real Thing Original Movie


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Ben Moon / The British rock climbing legend interview
Ben Moon / The British rock climbing legend interview
Interview with British rock climber Ben Moon, one of the world’s greatest rock climbers throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s with landmark first ascents such one of Britain’s first 8a, Statement of Youth at Lower Pen Trwyn in Wales and Hubble at Raven Tor, hailed as the world’s first 8c+ and increasingly considered the world’s first 9a.
Jerry Moffatt interview
Jerry Moffatt interview
Interview with Jerry Moffatt, one of the most successful climbers in the world during the 1980's and 1990's, with important first ascents such as Stone Love 8b+ in Germany's Frankenjura and Liquid Ambar 8c+ at Lower Pen Trwyn, Wales and The Ace FB8B at Stanage, England.
The Real Thing, the original bouldering movie with Ben Moon and Jerry Moffat
The Real Thing, the original bouldering movie with Ben Moon and Jerry Moffat
One of the most famous bouldering films, The Real Thing, featuring British climbers Ben Moon, Jerry Moffatt and Sean Myles, as well as Germany’s Kurt Albert and France’s Marc Le Menestrel.




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