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Iker Pou making the first ascent at Margalef of La Orden del Puño 8c
Photo by archivio Iker Pou
The crag Margalef in Spain
Photo by Carlo Cosi

Iker Pou frees difficult climbs at Margalef, Spain


At the Spanish crag Margalef the Basque climber Iker Pou has freed two difficult sport climbs: La Orden del Puño 8c and Pueblo Pequeño Infierno Grande 8c+.

It’s that time of year again. That period when climbers migrate south in search of limestone, sun and friction, heading mainly towards Spain and, in particular, to the crags Siurana, Oliana and Margalef.

At Margalef 40-year-old Basque climber Iker Pou has now sent two short and intense climbs up a series of ferocious one-finger and two-finger pockets that characterise the climbing on the painful conglomerate outcrops. The first route is called La Orden del Puño and is graded 8c while the nearby Pueblo Pequeño Infierno Grande is even shorter and brutal and graded 8c+.

In 2012 Iker Pou freed what even today is considered one of the hardest sport climbs in the area, the 9a+ Nit de bruixes. Pou is recognised as being an absolute expert of this style of climbing, that requires pure power and nerves of steel, and it comes as no surprise that the third ascent of Wolfgang Güllich’s legendary Action Directe in the Frankenjura was carried out by Pou, way back in distant 2000.

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Iker Pou climbing interview
Iker Pou from Spain is one of the world's most talented rock climbers, with cutting-edge climbs spanning from 9a+ at the crag to 8a at 6000 meters. In this interview he shares his climbing thoughts after his repeat of Demencia Senil 9a+ at Margalef.
Iker Pou onsights 8c on Mallorca
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Bombé bleu at Buoux, work in progress for Iker Pou
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Iker Pou, the video of Nit de bruixes 9a+ at Margalef
Iker Pou, the video of Nit de bruixes 9a+ at Margalef
The video of the first ascent of Nit de bruixes 9a+ at Margalef in Spain by Iker Pou.




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