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Two mountaineers in the Mont Blanc massif
Photo by Planetmountain
Climbing along the Kuffner Ridge on Mont Maudit (Mont Blanc)
Photo by archivio Silvio Bartolomei
Ice climbers on the classic Thron - Mostro d'Avers
Photo by archivio Matteo Rivadossi
Nanga Parbat in winter: Tamara Lunger
Photo by Simone Moro

Partnership vs Coronavirus


We are called upon to face one of the biggest tests of our time, one the must deal with the utmost difficulties. In order to do so we must use all our strength and experience. And we must do it all together. Only then will everything be fine.

In the past you’ve surely tied in with someone better than you. Perhaps in the early days. At a climbing course. Or your first time outdoors. Or simply because you weren’t capable to deal with the difficulties on lead. Sometimes you chose your leader. Other times it was perhaps your leader who suggested you tie in together, indicating you as the second. Or perhaps it was simply destiny that brought you together to form an ideal partnership. What is certain is that you placed all your trust in your leader. And that, as soon as feet left the ground, you gave your leader all your support. Your undivided attention. Conscious of the fact that only your leader would get you to the top.

Seen from the opposite angle, your leader trusted you blindly, your ability to belay properly, to follow safely. This is what good teamwork is all about. And a team, if it wants to reach a summit, wishes to overcome all difficulties, must work effortlessly. A perfect partnership is always united. Respects each other’s needs. Knows that everyone must do their fair share of the work, and that everyone is indispensable. And that when the going gets tough, everyone needs to dig in deep. And also that nobody can be left behind.

An ideal partnership knows how to rejoice in unison. How to be optimistic. Knows when and how to compromise, because certain things can only be achieved together. An ideal partnership also knows that not everything can be foreseen, that not all outcomes are successful. But that one needs to be prepared. That we are insignificant compared to the mountains and Mother Nature. And that when the storm arrives, one must huddle together and fight even harder. And that one must know how to wait for it to pass, that storm. Shelters must be found. Patience is needed. As is faith, not disbelief. In the fact that eventually all will come to an end, and that one can finally start anew. That we will eventually reach the summit and fall into each others arms, happy to have achieved it together. And the joy will be immense.

Only like this, with a partnership such as this one, will we defeat the Coronavirus tempest. Through teamwork that involves everyone, as no-one is superfluous. All those who must (I repeat: must!) stay at home. The multitudes who continue their utterly indispensable work. And those who guide us, who will lead us to safety, the doctors and medical staff battling an enemy that takes no prisoners, in order to reach a safe belay, to take us to the summit. In order to allow us to say, all together "everything is fine!"

by Vinicio Stefanello


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Stefano Ghisolfi: stay at home, it’s time to climb and let your imagination soar
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Climbing during the Covid-19 crisis
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Nepal and China shut down Everest and all Himalaya
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