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New rules for Himalayan expeditions in Nepal


The Nepalese Government has introduced a set of new rules to regulate expeditions on its mountains.

The Nepalese Government has introduced a set of new rules to regulate expeditions on its mountains. The major differences with respect to previous years are the protocol and duration of climbing permits, the royalties for Everest and other mountains and the implementation of a "Garbage Management" deposit, refunded at the end of the expedition after all rubbish has been transported back down to valley. Details of some of the most important new regulations are published below.

Protocol and duration of permits. Expeditions apply for a “preliminary” permit and make a deposit payment of 5% for Everest and 10% for all other mountains. The remaining royalty fee must be paid within a year. The permit is revoked if the remaining royalty fee is not paid, and the royalty deposit is not refunded.

Expeditions dates and mountains. These can per changed within two years of receiving the permit. The Ministry will charge for mountains with higher royalties but not refund expeditions that choose mountains with lower royalties.

by Manuel Lugli

New rules for the Nepalese Himalayas

Everest: all routes except for the Normal routve via the SE Crest
max 7 people 50,000 US$
Everest: Normal route (SE Crest)
1 mountaineer 25,000 US$
2 mountaineers 40,000 US$
3 mountaineers 48,000 US$
4 mountaineers 56,000 US$
5 mountaineers 60,000 US$
6 mountaineers 66,000 US$
7 mountaineers 70,000 US$
NB: A max. of 5 mountaineers can be added to the number mention above.

Royalties for all other mountains
  Up to 7 members Each extra member
Mountains above 8000 m (Everest excluded) 10,000 US$ 1,500 US$
From 7501 to 8000 m. 4000 US$ 500 US$
From 7001 to 7500 m. 3000 US$ 400 US$
From 6501 to 7000 m. 2000 US$ 300 US$
Lower than 6501 m 1000 US$ 200 US$

Garbage Management
Deposit for mountains within the Khumbu and Annapurna region
Everest 4000 US$
Mountains above 8000 m. 3000 US$
Mountains 7001 - 8000 m. 2000 US$
Mountains 6501 - 7.000 m. 1000 US$
Lower than 6501 m. 500 US$
Deposit for mountains except for Everest and Annapurna
Mountains above 8000 m. 3000 US$
Lower than 8000 m. 500 US$

Everest (ph Francesco Piardi)

Annapurna (Ph Francesco Tremolada)

Cho Oyu (Ph Francesco Tremolada)





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