Nanga Parbat, Elisabeth Revol reached by Adam Bielecki and Denis Urubko

UPDATE at 22:28: Adam Bielecki and Denis Urubko reach Elisabeth Revol! This morning the rescue operation began to try and save Tomek Mackiewicz and Elisabeth Revol on Nanga Parbat. Two helicopters transported Adam Bielecki, Denis Urubko, Jarek Botor and Piotr Tomala from K2 to Nanga Parbat, dropping them off at circa 4900 meters; the rescuers are currently climbing up towards the Frenchwoman and Pole.
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The helicopter lifts off from K2 Base Camp with Adam Bielecki, Denis Urubko, Jarek Botor and Piotr Tomala heading towards Nanga Parbat
Polish K2 Winter Expedition

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Update at 23:34
Ludovic Giambiasi, the partner of Elisabeth Revol, has stated that after the titanic effort to reach Revol, Urubko and Bielecki will now rest for 1-2 hours (without a tent) and then begin the descent with Revol who, according to Polish expedition coordinator Janusz Majer, is suffering frostbite to both hands and feet. The Polish Embassy is organizing a helicopter for tomorrow morning to take Revol to Islamabad as soon as the weather allows them. As to Tomek Mackiewicz, believed to be at 7280m, Giambiasi writes "no more information for now about plan to Tomek. Impossible for them to climb more high now - it's already a feat what they've achieved. We're working for a solution about Tomek. They all have to come back alive and they know how to measure the risks." As Giambiasi states, the fight is not over yet.

UPDATE at 22:28 - Adam Bielecki and Denis Urubko reach Elisabeth Revol!
Excellent news from the Polish expedition, that stated 15 minutes ago that Elisabeth Revol had been found. The short statement reads "Adam and Denis just got to her. They are preparing an evacuation action and will be descending her to the lower camp where Jarek and Piotrek are waiting with medical equipment." A few hours earlier Revol had managed to send at SMS, at 8.$5 local time, stating "I keep going down, please helico tomorrow."

Published at 15:45 on 27/01/2018
After yesterday’s call for help, the operation to try and save Tomek Mackiewicz and Elisabeth Revol on Nanga Parbat is currently in full swing. Bad weather grounded the helicopters initially but when the clouds lifted these flew to K2 Base Camp and at 13:40 loca time they took off for Nanga Parbat with four alpinists: Adam Bielecki, Denis Urubko, Jarek Botor and Piotr Tomala.

According to Pakistan Mountain News, the four were dropped off at circa 4900 meters where they immediately began ascending towards Revol and Mackiewicz. The plan, if feasible, is to climb through the night if necessary to reach the stranded alpinists. According to Pakistan Mountain News, Revol was seen earlier on through binoculars from Nanga Parbat Base Camp, while at present there is no news of Mackiewicz. All that remains is to wait and hope for the best, for everyone concerned.

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