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The west face of Fitz Roy
Photo by Marcello Sanguineti
The splendid view onto the Fitz Roy massif.
Photo by Colin Haley
Fitz Roy, also known as Cerro Chaltén, Patagonia
Photo by Pirmin Bertle / Jeanne Garnier

Jim Reynolds races up Fitz Roy in Patagonia solo


American alpinist Jim Reynolds has made an extremely fast solitary ascent of Fitz Roy, climbing up and down climbing the long Afanassieff route.

America’s Jim Reynolds is causing quite a stir during his debut trip to Patagonia where he has pulled off an impressive free solo ascent of Fitz Roy via the Afanassieff route. Known above all for setting a speed record of The Nose with Brad Gobright in 2017, Reynolds spent three months in Patagonia during which he carried out a series of solo climbs before making his solitary ascent of Fitz Roy’s NW Face in an astoundingly fast 15.5 hour round trip.

First ascended over a period of 6 days in 1979 by French alpinists Guy Abert, Jean and Michel Afanassieff and Jean Fabre, the climb to the left of Supercanaleta is rarely repeated and at almost 1600m in length is recognised as one of of the longest in the mountain range.

25-year-old Reynolds raced up in a mere 6 hours and 38 minutes to reach the summit at 15:13 and then made the long descent down the same route, during which he opted not to abseil but instead chose to downclimb the entire line. According to National Geographic that broke the news yesterday, Reynolds had forgotten his harness and belay device but nevertheless proceed to climb with the rope just in case.

Talking to National Geographic, Patagonian expert Rolando Garibotti stated "It is mind blowing that this came to pass. Jim is making a big statement here. We’re going to be speaking about this for a long, long time. I have a hard time imagining how somebody is going to up the ante over this."

Links: National Geographic, pataclimb.com

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Even soloing is not done alone. Huge appreciation to all the people who have been a part of my journey recently and over the years. Much love for the communities of El Chaltén, Yosemite, Bishop and Trinity. Check out the link in my bio to read Nat Geo’s excellent article. ****************** My suggestion is to strive for two things in this world: The creation and propagation of the highest level of art, beauty and love that you can imagine, and to support others in their pursuit of those things. ******************* My art (as for many climbers) is the combining of our humanity with the splendor of raw nature. It is to dance through a painting. I don’t think climbing has to be selfish. It is a way to fill my cup of joy til it overflows into the rest of the world. It is gathering as much positivity as we can from the mountains and bringing it back to share amongst the people. So whatever your thing, go out there and do it!!!!!!!!!!!! **************** Photos are mine or Tad McCrea, who has been a hugely impactful teacher and great friend in my time down south #beingtowardslife #climbing #patagonia #Fitzroy #rockclimbing # Alpinism #alpineclimbing #freesolo #love #sincuerda #Argentina

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