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Everest at night photographed by Elia Saikaly. Clearly visible the mountaineers negotiating the Iceall
Photo by Elia Saikaly

Everest - A Time Lapse Film by Elia Saikaly


The timelapse film of Everest by Canadian mountaineer and photographer Elia Saikaly.

If you want only the raw numbers of this stunning Everest time-lapse created by 39-year-old Canadian filmmaker and mountaineer Elia Saikaly, then skip to the box below. But that, we believe, would be a mistake, because there is far more to these images than meets the eye, as the two-times Everest summiter happened to be filming on the slopes of the highest mountain in the world during the two deadliest climbing seasons in Everest history, 2014 and 2015.

In 2014 Saikaly found himself trapped in Camp 2 for three days, above the Icefall where 16 Sherpas had been killed, while in 2015 he was in Everest Base Camp when the devastating earthquake rocked Nepal, killing nearly 9,000 people across the country, including 22 climbers in Base Camp. Understandably these tragedies traumatised Saikaly and only recently has he begun to come to terms with these dramatic turn of events and released these images.

Writing to planetmountain.com, Saikaly explained “I’ve kept these images hidden for almost 4 years. They were created in 2014 and 2015 – the two deadliest seasons in Everest history. Many lost their lives and I was at ground zero both years. I’m not sure I’ll ever un-see what I saw in those two seasons, during and after the avalanches. Somehow I felt keeping these images hidden showed respect for the fallen. The images at camp 2 were created right after the 2014 avalanche that claimed the lives of 16 Sherpas. We were trapped above the area where 16 died at Camp 1 and 2 and had to remain in place for three days, unable to assist in the evacuations. Shooting the night skies helped with the helplessness we all felt. In 2015, everything you see in this video was captured days before we got hit by the avalanche at basecamp during the Earthquake. No one can ever be prepared for such devastation. It’s taken a long time to work through the loss and perhaps somehow, releasing these images is my way of fully letting go and remembering the beauty, the wonder and freedom that comes along with climbing the world’s tallest peak. Chomolongma – Mother Goddess of the Earth.”

Summit of Mt. Lobuche East, Everest basecamp (near the entrance), Lobuche village, Camp 2 on Mt. Everest, Camp 1 on Mt. Everest, Khumjung, Namche, Pheriche
Camera Gear: Canon EOS-1DC, 2x 5D Mark 3’s, Canon 5Dsr, 24mm 1.4, 16mm 2.8 x2, 11-24mm f4, 70-200mm 2.8, 14mm 2.8
Photos: 26 time-lapses and 1,896 still images used from a total of 44,069 photos

Links: eliasaikaly.comInstagram Elia Saikaly, FB Elia Saikaly


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Earthquake devastates Nepal
Earthquake devastates Nepal
Two earthquakes measuring up to 7.9 hit Nepal this morning causing, according to some sources, over 1,000 deaths. Even the highest mountains in the world trembled and an avalanche that swept through Everest Base Camp has caused an unknown number of deaths.
Nepal earthquake death toll continues to rise, Everest disaster area
Nepal earthquake death toll continues to rise, Everest disaster area
The death toll continues to rise in the aftermath of the earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday and passes 3200, with more than 6000 people injured. The avalanche that struck Everest base camp is said to have caused at least 18 deaths. Four Italian speleologists are feared missing from the village of Langtang; Giuseppe Pino Antonini, Gigliola Mancinelli, Oskar Piazza and Giovanni Pizzorni.
Tragic Everest avalanche, numerous victims
Tragic Everest avalanche, numerous victims
In the early hours of this morning an avalanche swept down the flanks of Everest on the Nepalese side of the mountain. At least six Sherpa have died, while numerous other climbers are reported missing.
Everest avalanche: interview with Simone Moro
Everest avalanche: interview with Simone Moro
Interview with Simone Moro after the tragic avalanche on Everest on 18 April 2014 that caused the deaths of at least 13 Sherpa.
Everest avalanche: search operation called off
Everest avalanche: search operation called off
After three days of searching the rescue operation on Everest has been called off today. The official death toll is 13 Sherpa dead and 3 missing. The entire spring mountaineering season is now uncertain.




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