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Stéphane Husson fighting hard on the second boulder problem of the Ice World Cup in Valle di Daone, 2001
Photo by Planetmountain.com
Mauro 'Bubu' Bole, Stephane Husson and Daniel Dulac, Valle di Daone 2001
Photo by Planetmountain.com
Stéphane Husson competing in the World Cup in Valle di Daone, 2002
Photo by Planetmountain.com
Stéphane Husson fighting at the start on the second boulder problem of the Ice World Cup in Valle di Daone, 2001
Photo by PlanetMountain.com
PORTFOLIO / gallery Portfolio: Adieu Stéphane Husson

Adieu Stéphane Husson


French mountain guide Stéphane Husson and a 16-year-old teenager lost their lives in a climbing accident.

A tragic climbing accident occurred on Wednesday 20 June at the Beaufort crag in France where a 16-year-old teenager and the 47-year-old French mountain guide Stéphane Husson died after falling 20 meters. The circumstances of the accident, which took place during an outing organised by the French Alpine Club of Albertville, are still under investigation. The 16-year-old died before the arrival of ambulance while Husson, who was immediately taken to hospital in Grenoble, died two days later.

Stéphane Husson was a leading figure in the mountaineering world, respected not just in France but internationally. One of the most talented athletes in the early ice climbing competitions at the start, Husson was crowned vice World Champion twice of this emerging sport, in 2001 and 2002. After retiring from the Ice World Cup as an athlete he worked tirelessly to promote ice climbing competitions closer to home, securing numerous events at Champagny-en-Vanoise.

Husson was obviously a gifted rock climber and of his numerous first ascents, one that stands out is Delicatessen. Established with Arnaud Petit back in 1992, the climb breaches difficulties up to 8b as it weaves its way across the rough granite of the Bavella in Corsica and has become an absolute high-end classic.

We’ve published some photos that date back to those first competitions in Valle di Daone in Italy. After his victory in 2001, in 2002 Husson dressed up for the occasion, displaying a "Joie de vivre" that left its mark. We will also remember him like that, with his wig and huge horn on his helmet. And a thought, full of pain, goes to the youngster who was with Husson and who lost his life at such a young age, for a passion that probably he failed to savour long enough…

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Delicatessen, first repeat in Corsica's Bavella after 10 years
Delicatessen, first repeat in Corsica's Bavella after 10 years
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