Brenta Dolomites La Stangata / A great ice climb in Val Genova

In Val Genova (Brenta Dolomites) Luca Tamburini and Giorgio Tameni made a rare repeat of the beautiful and enormous icefall La Stangata, first climbed in 2012 by Patrick Ghezzi and Alessandro Lucchi.
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Luca Tamburini and Giorgio Tameni repeating the icefall La Stangata (100m, 5+) in Val Genova, Italy
archivio Luca Tamburini

I moved to Val Rendena a few months ago, so Val Genova has become my backyard playground, for both flying and climbing… as soon as I saw these two amazing two columns I thought: wow, they’re gigantic, they look like 2 Notre-Dame one on top of the other. Who knows whether they’ve ever been climbed before.

After couple of quick reccies, on 27 January 2017 Giorgio Tameni made the most of the day and climbed it…. outstanding and fascinating!

Congratulations to Patrick Ghezzi and Alessandro Lucchi who made the first ascent on 5/2/2012 and called it: La stangata 5+ 100mt. And congratulations to Fabio Salvadei and Tommaso Andreolli who made the first repeat a few days later.

by Luca Tamburini

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