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14.02.2021 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Iker Pou establishes 9a+ on Mallorca, Jorge Díaz-Rullo repeats La Rambla at Siurana

Spanish climbers Iker Pou and Jorge Díaz-Rullo have both recently redpointed 9a+: Pou made the first ascent of Gran Guggenheim on the island of Mallorca, while Díaz-Rullo repeated La Rambla at Siurana.

29.12.2020 by Planetmountain in Interviews

James Pearson & Caroline Ciavaldini: the Black Rocks Hard Grit interview

Interview with James Pearson and Caroline Ciavaldini after their respective repeats of Harder Faster and Gaia at Black Rocks in England. These hard grit testpieces were first ascended by Charlie Woodburn and Johnny Dawes and while Pearson’s is only the third ascent in 20 years, Ciavaldini had made the third female ascent.

02.12.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Bernd Zangerl explores his limits on Grenzenlos in Valle dell’Orco

Austrian boulderer Bernd Zangerl has made the first ascent of a difficult crack called Grenzenlos in Valle Orco, Italy. Protected with a pecker, it is a mix between a trad climb and a highball.

26.10.2020 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Tribe at Cadarese: the James Pearson second ascent interview

Interview with British rock climber James Pearson after the second ascent of Tribe, the extremely difficult trad climb at Cadarese in Italy first ascended by Jacopo Larcher in 2019

22.10.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Cadarese Tribe repeated by James Pearson

British rock climber James Pearson has made the second ascent of Tribe, the extremely difficult trad climb at Cadarese in Italy first ascended by Jacopo Larcher.

15.10.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Barbara Zangerl climbs Greenspit in Valle dell’Orco

Austrian climber Barbara Zangerl has become the first woman to climb Greenspit, the difficult trad route first ascended by Didier Berthod in Valle dell’Orco, Italy.

12.10.2020 by Peter Mühlburger in Alpinism

Baspa Valley, India: Raldang Spire climbed by Austrian expedition

In October 2019 an Austrian expedition comprised of Alexander Blümel, Much Mayr, Peter Mühlburger and Matthias Wurzer made the first ascent of Baba Ji on Raldang Spire in the Baspa Valley, Kinnaur, India. Mühlburger reports.

09.08.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Barbara Zangerl, Jacopo Larcher make first repeats of Beat Kammerlander’s Rätikon Kampfzone

On 06/08/2020 Barbara Zangerl made the first repeat of Kampfzone, an 8b+ multi-pitch in the Rätikon first ascended by Beat Kammerlander ground-up in 2013 and freed in 2017. Jacopo Larcher followed suit yesterday.

19.05.2020 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Baspa Valley Himalaya, the Hong, Larcher, Pou, Vanhee climbing expedition video

The video of the climbing expedition to Baspa Valley in India, carried out in autumn 2019 by Matty Hong, Jacopo Larcher, Eneko Pou, Iker Pou and Siebe Vanhee

12.05.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Barbara Zangerl on top climbing form in Vorarlberg, Austria

Sport climbing in Austria: Barbara Zangerl has repeated Unleashed 8c+ and Instructor 8c+/9a in her home Vorarlberg region.

29.04.2020 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Jacopo Larcher, Barbara Zangerl climbing the Zodiac on El Capitan

The video of Jacopo Larcher and Barbara Zangerl making a free ascent in 2016 of Zodiac, the historic big wall on the southeast face of El Capitan, Yosemite.

22.04.2020 by Jacopo Larcher in Climbing

Jacopo Larcher: we must remain united

The appeal by South Tyrolean climber Jacopo Larcher to remain united during these times made difficult by the Coronavirus emergency. Because 'the world does not need even more anger, violence and hate now, but instead love and solidarity.'

22.01.2020 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

In Rätikon Fabian Buhl finally frees demanding Déjà multi-pitch

In the Rätikon massif in Switzerland German mountaineer Fabian Buhl has completed the first free ascent of Déjà, a 400m multi-pitch alpine rock climb graded 8c+.

18.12.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Michi Wohlleben calm, cool and collected on Psychogramm, 8b+ trad slab

German climber Michi Wohlleben has repeated Psychogramm, the 8b+ trad climb at the Bürser Platte in Austria, first ascended in 2014 by Alex Luger.

04.12.2019 by Planetmountain in Interviews

The Nose on El Capitan according to Barbara Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher

Interview with Barbara Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher after their free ascent of The Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite.

25.11.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Lynn Hill on The Nose 26 years after her historic first free ascent

A recent clip of Lynn Hill working The Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite and a video regarding her historic first one day ascent in 1994.

23.11.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Barbara Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher free climb The Nose on El Capitan

On El Capitan in Yosemite Austria’s Barbara Zangerl and South Tyrol’s Jacopo Larcher have made a free ascent of The Nose, the most famous big wall in the world.

07.11.2019 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Baspa Valley, three new Indian Himalaya climbs by Pou brothers

The Basque brothers Iker Pou and Eneko Pou recently returned from the Baspa valley in the Indian Himalayas where they established three new rock climbs on two virgin peaks.

02.11.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Cédric Lachat redpoints La Rambla at Siurana

Swiss climber Cédric Lachat has repeated La Rambla, the benchmark 9a+ sport climb at Siurana in Spain

28.10.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Jacopo Larcher and Barbara Zangerl climbing Magic Mushroom up El Capitan, Yosemite

The video of Jacopo Larcher and Barbara Zangerl making the first repeat of Magic Mushroom, El Capitan, Yosemite, in December 2017.




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