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Kranj: Sachi Amma, winner of the Lead World Cup 2013
Photo by Luka Fonda
Kranj: Jain Kim, winner of the Lead World Cup 2013
Photo by Luka Fonda
Mina Markovic, third at Kranj and silver in the Lead World Cup 2013
Photo by Luka Fonda
Jakob Schubert, winner at Kranj and silver in 2013
Photo by Luka Fonda
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Sachi Amma and Jain Kim win the Lead World Cup 2013


Jain Kim from Korea and Sachi Amma from Japan won the overall Lead World Cup which concluded in Kranj, Slovenia on 17 November 2013. The final stage was won by Jakob Schubert and Momoka Oda.

The Lead World Cup 2013 came to an end last Sunday in Slovenia's Kranj and, after eight stages, the Cup was won by Sachi Amma and Jain Kim. The Japanese repeated last year's success thanks to his run of 3 victories, two 2nd places, one 3rd and 6th place, while closest rival Jakob Schubert, despite winning in Kranj, finished 37 points behind in the final ranking. In addition to this silver medal, the Austrian could console himself with taking gold in the Combined Overall World Cup 2013 that takes into account Lead, Speed, Boulder disciplines. In truth, Amma had already won the Cup before the final round as the points earned from his successful qualification in the Semifinal already netted him mathematical victory. Schubert though wanted to prove his worth and, in clinching victory at Kranj, managed to beat Adam Ondra whose return to competitions - and immediate victory in Valence - marks an interesting end to 2013 as he will no doubt be an important force next season. Third in Kranj was 32 year-old Spaniard Ramón Julian Puigblanque who rounded off the season with a great bronze medal.

Jain Kim, just like Amma, celebrated her second overall World Cup victory in Kranj after having won in 2010 thanks to her extraordinary run of four victories, two 2nd places, one 3rd place and - worst result this season, one 4th place right here in Kranj. A priceless fourth place though, that enabled her to beat closest rival and home athlete Mina Markovic. The Slovenian had an amazing season, too, and her run is worth remembering, too: three victories, four 2nd places and one 3rd place. After eight competitions the two were separated by a mere 20 point and it is difficult, indeed almost impossible, to conceive them doing any better! Having said that, those who managed to beat the unbeatable duo were Japanes Momoka Oda and Akyio Noguchi who in Kranj finally managed to oust Kim and Markovic. In doing so 19-year-old Oda celebrated her first ever stage victory in the senior competitions and also won bronze this season.

IFSC Climbing Worldcup (L) - Kranj (SLO)
Results Men

1 Jakob Schubert AUT 41+
2 Adam Ondra CZE 40+
3 Sachi Amma JPN 39
4 Gautier Supper FRA 38
5 Hyunbin Min KOR 36+
6 Manuel Romain FRA 35+
7 Romain Desgranges FRA 27.5+
8 Ramón Julian Puigblanque ESP 24+

Results Women
1 Momoka Oda JPN 34+
2 Akiyo Noguchi JPN 34
3 Mina Markovic SLO 29+
4 Jain Kim KOR 29
5 Magdalena Röck AUT 26+
6 Dinara Fakhritdinova RUS 26+
7 Anak Verhoeven BEL 22.5+
8 Maja Vidmar SLO 22.5+

Final Results Lead World Cup 2013
Results Men

1 Sachi Amma JPN 572.00
2 Jakob Schubert AUT 535.00
3 Ramón Julian Puigblanque ESP 420.00
4 Hyunbin Min KOR 360.00
5 Sean Mccoll CAN 356.00
6 Romain Desgranges FRA 346.00
7 Gautier Supper FRA 333.00
8 Manuel Romain FRA 319.00
9 Domen Skofic SLO 245.00
10 Stefano Ghisolfi ITA 232.00
11 Adam Ondra CZE 180.00
12 Thomas Ballet FRA 175.00
13 Mario Lechner AUT 151.00
14 Urban Primozic SLO 147.00
15 Magnus Midtboe NOR 134.00
16 Francesco Vettorata ITA 128.00
17 Mikhail Chernikov RUS 101.00
18 Thomas Tauporn GER 96.00
19 Loïc Timmermans BEL 93.00
20 Akito Matsushima JPN 90.00

1 Jain Kim KOR 625.00
2 Mina Markovic SLO 605.00
3 Momoka Oda JPN 491.00
4 Magdalena Röck AUT 374.00
5 Dinara Fakhritdinova RUS 354.00
6 Hélène Janicot FRA 340.00
7 Akiyo Noguchi JPN 301.00
8 Katharina Posch AUT 259.00
9 Anak Verhoeven BEL 212.00
10 Nikki Van Bergen NED 206.00
11 Barbara Bacher AUT 175.00
12 Mathilde Brumagne BEL 170.00
13 Yuka Kobayashi JPN 163.00
14 Evgenia Malamid RUS 137.00
15 Jenny Lavarda ITA 115.00
16 Maja Vidmar SLO 114.00
17 Risa Ota JPN 106.00
18 Yana Chereshneva RUS 99.00
19 Jessica Pilz AUT 97.00
20 Salomé Romain FRA 89.00





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