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Jenny Lavarda, winner of the Ice World Cup 2007, icompeting in the first stage in Valle di Daone.
Photo by Planetmountain.com
Alexey Tomilov at the Ice Master di Daone 2007, first stage of the Ice World Cup.
Photo by Giulio Malfer
Evgeny Krivosheitsev, winner of the Ice Climbing World Cup 2007, competing in Daone.
Photo by Giulio Malfer
Müller Petra concentrating hard in Valle di Daone.
Photo by Giulio Malfer

Evgeny Krivosheitsev and Jenny Lavarda win the Ice World Cup 2007


On 11/02 the third and final stage of the Ice Climbing World Cup took place in Busteni (Romania) and was won by Evgeny Krivosheitsev from the Ukraine and Jenny Lavarda from Italy.

Competing in Busteni last weekend, Evgeny Krivosheitsev won his second Ice climbing World Cup stage in a row and in doing so also won the World Cup 2007 title. The Ukranian was joined on the top podium by Jenny Lavarda from Italy who, placing second in Romania, just missed out on a hat-trick but nevertheless returned home with another excellent grand slam: two world titles (Ice Boulder Champiuon in Daone and Ice Difficulty Champion in Saas Fee) and victory in the World Cup 2007.

The Speed World Cup was dominated once again by the Russian athletes, with Maria Shabalina and Matveev Alexander sprinting to first place, while teammates Maria Muravyeva and Maryam Filoppova took silver, and Nicolay Shved and Igor Fayzullin bronze.

The World Cup 2007 lived up to predictions. With a super Evgeny Krivosheitsev who, after victory in Saas Fee, doubled his takings in Busteni by beating Markus Bendler from Austria (winner in Daone) and this year's revelation Alexey Tomilov from Russia, who was without a doubt one of the most constant and positive athletes in the World Cup circuit. These three were followed by Jack Müller and Patrick Aufdenblatten from Switzerland, 4th and 5th respectively, while Maxim Tomilov from Russia placed 6th, ahead of Herbert Klammer 7th.

Krivosheitsev won gold therefore in the WC ranking, ahead of Bendler (silver) and A. Tomilov (bronze). Simon Wandeler, one of the hot favourites for the title, placed fourth overall - by not competing in Romania he obvioulsy severely handicapped his podium chances. Klammer places fifth overall (despite his slip in Saas Fee) thanks to 3rd place in Daone and 7th in Busteni, followed by Florian Riegler from Italy and Müller from Switzerland, 6th equal.

In Busteni Jenny Lavarda left little room for her opponents. The slightest mistake would have cost dearly but Petra Müller, 2nd in Daone and 3rd in Saas Fee, could only hope in a major débâcle (ie Lavarda failing to make the Final). But it wasn't to be and there can be no doubt whatsoever: the ice competitions have proved to be right up Lavarda's street, after years of anxious sports climbing competitions she has now hit the big target, the one that guaranteed her overall victory.

Petra Müller did all she could and despite her victory in Busteni had to make do with second overall, while Stephanie Maureau returned home with double bronze: one for the WC stage and the other for third overall in 2007.

This is how the (perhaps too short) Ice climbing World Cup 2007 drew to an end. Logistical problems and anxiety about the hot temperatures and consequent lack of ice are now projected to next year, where we hope to see more competitions, more spectacle (and this year there was plenty) and even more athletes taking part.

Busteni results Women
Busteni classifica femminile
1 Müller Petra Switzerland
2 Lavarda Jenny Italy
3 Maureau Stephanie France
4 Zwerger Barbara Italy
5 Shin Woon Seon Korea
6 Kulikova Natalya Russia
7 Shabalina Maria Russia
8 Grmovsek Tanja Slovenia
9 Murray Fiona Scotland
9 Filippova Maryam Russia
11 Muravyeva Maria Russia
12 Petkova Radka Bulgaria
13 Andrea Copaescu Rumania
13 Paola Kovac Croatia
15 Iris Bostjancic Croatia

Busteni results men
1 Krivosheitsev Evgeny Ukraine
2 Bendler Markus Austria
3 Tomilov Alexey Russia
4 Müller Jack Switzerland
5 Aufdenblatten Patrick Switzerland
6 Tomilov Maxim Russia
7 Klammer Herbert Italy
8 Gulyaev Pavel Russia
9 Park Hee Yong Korea
10 Zhelyazkov Stanimir Bulgaria
11 Riegler Florian Italy
12 Blanco Israel Spain

Ice World Cup 2007 Final results women
1 Lavarda Jenny Italy
2 Müller Petra Switzerland
3 Maureau Stephanie France
4 Kulikova Natalya Russia
5 Shabalina Maria Russia
6 Zwerger Barbara Italy
7 Grmovsek Tanja Slovenia
8 Muravyeva Maria Russia
9 Eyer Alexandra Switzerland
10 Filippova Maryam Russia
11 Murray Fiona Scotland
12 Rainer Angelika Italy
Full results

Ice World Cup 2007 Final results men
1 Krivosheitsev Evgeny Ukraine
2 Bendler Markus Austria
3 Tomilov Alexey Russia
4 Wandeler Simon Switzerland
5 Klammer Herbert Italy
6 Müller Jack Switzerland
6 Riegler Florian Italy
8 Aufdenblatten Patrick Switzerland
9 Zhelyazkov Stanimir Bulgaria
10 Vagin Alexey Russia
11 Prinoth Mario Italy
12 Tomilov Maxim Russia
13 Gulyaev Pavel Russia
13 Leichtfried Albert Austria
15 Blanco Israel Spain
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