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Mauro Calibani trad climbing in Sardinia, up Batman
Photo by Mauro Calibani

Mauro Calibani: 60 sec on Batman


The climbing video of Mauro Calibani interpreting Batman, a spectacular trad climb at Punta Istiotta in Sardinia.

Time passes, races inexorably,
leaving behind a life story.
Existing and looking towards the future, living courageously, being and opening one’s own horizon. Knowing, new people, opening up to new spaces, learning to respect.
Today is here and now, me enthusiastic, tired and frightened, happy to share this sunny day with those who, just like me, let time pass with swollen fingers, looking ever upwards.
Loneliness and breathing again, my breathing, which I jam my hands up Maurizio’s imaginary line.
It is me, now, who is interpreting this hidden secret, trying to understand its meaing.
Heat rises from within, as the eyes dart in an attempt to rescue me from fatigue.
One small step at a time, and we are all higher up.
I turn away and look into the distance.
Above us the great obstacle needs to be overcome.
I don’t think I'm ready, but it's too beautiful to not give it a go, I dip my hands into my bag of experience and revel in the joy of my body in motion.
Horizontal, while emptiness plays with me, through a sense of vertigo, I push on forward.
I jam my fingers, play at protecting my life up there.
Hugs, smiles, Filippo, Maurizio, Paolo and I. The line of life continues onwards, but beauty remains still.

I would like to thank:
Filippo Manca, young friends, Sardinian climber, strong and passionate first redpointer of the route, managed to tear me away from work in just one beautiful and surreal day
Maurizio Oviglia, an expert who, with immense love, continues for years to wisely interpret the vertical secrets of Sardinia, a true jewel in Italy's crown.
Paolo, airplane pilot in life, he observed my excitement from above, whirring around my fears.
The rock, which, without asking for anything in return, always provides me with beauty and emotions

by Mauro Calibani

Link: www.enove.it, CAMP


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