Markus Bock adds new desperates to the Frankenjura

Markus Bock has made the first ascent of four hard new climbs in Germany's Frankenjura, Reunion (8c), The Obsessed (8c+), The 4 Horsemen (8c+) and Witchtripper (9a).
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Markus Bock durign the first ascent of The 4 Horsemen 8c+, Frankenjura, Germany
Jochen Meyer
It may seem impossible but Markus Bock continues to forage new lines up the tiny limestone pockets and crimps in his home Frankenjura. Of late the German climber has come up trumps with another poker of hard first ascents and on his blog he states "I've managed to free some really great 11th grade routes from their project status, namely Reunion (8c), The Obsessed (8c+), The 4 Horsemen (8c+) and Witchtripper (9a)." It goes without saying that Bock knows the Frankenjura extremes like few others, as can be seen from his first ascent list published below.

Markus Bock, 13/02/1979 Bamberg, Germany
Frankenjura first ascents
The Man That Follows Hell 9a+ M. Bock 2009
Corona 9a+ M. Bock 2006
The Elder Statesman 9a/9a+ M. Bock 2011
Witchtripper 9a M. Bock 2012
Pantera 9a M. Bock 2009
Der Heiliger Gral 9a M. Bock 2005
Unplugged 9a M. Bock 2004
Matador 9a M. Bock 2007
House Of Shock 8c+/9a M. Bock 2012
The 4 Horsemen 8c+ M. Bock 2012
The Obsessed 8c+ M. Bock 2012
The Last Rides 8c+ M. Bock 2011
Three Suns And One Star 8c+ M. Bock 2008
Sniper 8c+ M. Bock 2003
Vanquish 8c+ M. Bock 2004
Monolithic Baby! 8c+ M. Bock 2004
Hattori Hanzo 8c+ M. Bock 2005
Planets Collide 8c+ M. Bock 2007

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