Barbara Zangerl climbing Prinzip Hoffnung at Bürser Platte, Austria

The video of Austrian climber Barbara Zangerl making the first female ascent of the difficult trad climb Prinzip Hoffnung at the Bürser Platte, Austria, in March 2014.
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Barbara Zangerl picking up air time on Prinzip Hoffnung, Bürser Platte, Austria in March 2014
Johannes Mair / Alpsolut

The ascent dates back to March 2014, the video is out now: Barbara Zangerl repeating Prinzip Hoffnung, the difficult trad route freed in 2009 by Beat Kammerlander on the Bürser Platte in Vorarlberg, Austria. The route features 8b/8b+ technical difficulties protected by tiny wires in thin cracks, and an unprotectable 10m start where falling off is out of the question.One of the hardest female trad ascents on record.

12/03/2014 - Barbara Zangerl climbs Prinzip Hoffnung in Austria
Interview with Barbara Zangerl, the Austrian climber who repeated Prinzip Hoffnung at the Bürser Platte, Austria, yesterday.

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