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Angela Eiter climbing Fragile Steps 8B at Rocklands, South Africa
Photo by K3climbing
Angela Eiter climbing Cry Baby 7C+ at Rocklands, South Africa
Photo by K3climbing
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Angela Eiter boulders 8B at Rocklands in South Africa


Austrian climber Angela Eiter has repeated Fragile steps FB8B at Rocklands, South Africa

Frauenpower. Women's power in German. A noun which couldn't be truer for Angela Eiter. Everyone knew that she is strong: four times Lead World Champion, six Rock Master titles, three World Cups to her name as well as having been European Champion indicate how talented this Austrian climber is, and all this is confirmed with redpoints on rock up to 8c+. Startling results, difficult to match, but if you really want to look for a "defect", one could say that she's not particularly good at bouldering...

Nothing could be further from the truth though, as proven by her recent visit to Rocklands in South Africa where she managed to send a host of difficult problems, including a flash ascent of In the middle of the ass FB8A and the repeat of Fragile steps FB8B. She describes her hardest problem to date as follows "A steep roof with crimpy holds. My style. On my first check out I couldn't find any solution, but after a while I did all the moves and after about 3 hours I luckily sent it."

This list of Eiter's ascents is published below, what is clear is that she too is close to adding her name to the list of female climbers who have managed to send 8B+ - the absolute female max – currently comprised of  Tomoko OgawaAshima Shiraishi, Shauna Coxsey and Alex Puccio.

Weichei, Pakhuys 7C+
When the days break sit, The Pass/Roadcrew 7C+
Dry baby, Sassies 7C+
Stargate, The Pass/Fortress 7C+
No late tenders, Pakhuys/Fields of joy 7C+
Carolin, The Pass/Mainroad 7C+
The ghost in the darkness, Sassies 7C+
Paula Abdu,l Sassies 7C+, flash
Black mango chutney, 8 day rain 7C+
Streched and pressed, The Pass/Fortress 7C+
Stalker in the horizon, The Pass/Rhino Area 8A
In the middle of the ass, Champsite 8A, flash
Hatchling, Kleinfontein 8A, 2.Go
Out of balance, Pass/Mainroad 8A, 6. Go
Tea with Elmarie, Champsite 8A+
Fragile steps, The Pass/Fortress 8B

Routes climbed at Montagu

Jumbali, Jurassic Park 8a
My route down by the river, Waterworld 8a+

16/09/2013 - Angela Eiter, 10 years as the champion of climbing competitions





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