Passion Together, in memory of Chloé Graftiaux

A book and non-profit association have been created to honour Chloé Graftiaux, the Belgian climber who lost her life last August in a fall from Aiguille Noire de Peuterey (Mont Blanc). Published below is an open letter by Chloé's parents
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Passion Together, in memory of Chloé Graftiaux

Dear friends,

It is with much emotion that we write to you. Almost 8 months ago, hundreds of you testified the friendship, be it close or far, you had with Chloé. You expressed how much her short life meant to you. Your testimonies both upset  and supported us. Her disappearance in the mountains left our arms empty but our heart filled with her presence. We have asked ourselves a lot of questions regarding the meaning of her terribly short life, about her involvement, and about your testimonies.

All this has led us to publish the texts of Chloé. Even if the initial motivation was to leave a trace of our daughter, very quickly her texts, and yours, brought us on another path: to bear witness and envision a life project she gave us - as a treasure - and to share it with you all. If this sharing is already done via a book and a dvd, we chose to go one step further by creating the non-profit organisation 'CHLOE GRAFTIAUX PASSION TOGETHER' which we are sure she would have greatly appreciated.

To be able to live her passions, in addition to her will, Chloé received small nudges in the right direction here and there. The objective is to continue this by giving similar nudges to the young people who have projects in climbing, in mountain sports or in mountain assistance, but whose main goal is to share a similar passion.

To do this, we initially decided to sell the book+DVD at the cost price to allow a maximum of young people access to it. It is left up to you if you wish to offer more? All the generated benefits will be transferred to this association which will financially support certain projects on a yearly basis. The practicalities will be defined in the weeks to come and published on the site of Chloé: We thus invite you to publish this information via your information channels: friends, clubsites, in competitions, facebook? all means are good.

Concretely, we invite you to order the book as soon as possible with the attached form, which you can return to us by email or fill out onine on Chloé's site. For the payment, we ask you to privilege electronic money transfer which does not cause any additional expenses. Furthermore, we also ask you not to await the publication of the book to proceed to the purchase - this enables us to determine how many copies should be printed. Unfortunately technical and budgetary constraints will prevent any form of reprinting.

The publication of the book and the official launch of the association 'CHLOE GRAFTIAUX PASSION TOGETHER' could only be done together. A fortnight of climbing will be organized from August 21st to August 31st in Namur and Freyr, in close cooperation with the Tourist office Jambes and the Belgian Alpine Club. We will share Chloé's passion through various activities. Details of the program will be available in the near future and everyone is invited to join the meeting.

In the name of Chloé we thank you all for your attention, and thank you once more for your warm support.

Anne-Francoise and Joel Graftiaux

This new organisation will support projects related to climbing and/or mountain sports (climbing, alpinism, ski touring, base-jump, hiking, etc …) and/or mountain rescue. This association will push forward Projects willing to share passion, created and devoted for young people, in the passionate spirit of Chloé.

We are open as well to all those interested to support the project more widely and to in one way or another invest in it with us:

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