Rick Allen rescued by drone in descent off Broad Peak

Thanks to the help of a drone leading British mountaineer Rick Allen has been rescued in descent off Broad Peak (8047m) in Pakistan.
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Broad Peak (8047m), Karakorum
Polish Mountaineering Association

Leading British mountaineer Rick Allen, known above all for the 18-day epic along Nanga Parbat’s immense Mazeno Ridge with Sandy Allan in 2012, was rescued on the slopes of Broad Peak thanks to, remarkably, a drone.

On 9 July Allen was climbing the 12th highest mountain in the world when, while descending from a summit bid, he was feared missing from the group. The next day a drone piloted by the Polish brothers Andrzej Bargiel and Bartek Bargiel, currently intent on climbing nearby K2, identified Allen just above 7000 meters.

With the help of other alpinists engaged on the mountain the Scotsman was brought back to Camp 3 that same evening, and escorted down to Base Camp on 10 July. According to the Polish website wspinanie.pl, Allen had fallen circa 400m from about 7600m. Reproduced below is the succinct press release published on the expedition’s website concerning the incident which, more likely than not, will continue to make headline news.

Thursday, 12 July 2018 - Base Camp after summit attempt
Sandy and Rick are now both back at Base Camp following a couple of days making a summit attempt. Sandy returned back to camp himself after deciding to descend due to high winds. The rest of the team stayed at Camp 3 and considered their options for the summit. Rick made a summit attempt on 9th July after climbing all day and night.
Rick was missing from the group and feared injured from 9th July until he was spotted by a drone, piloted by climbers at K2 Base Camp on July 10th.

Sandy, with help from Andrej Berdel, his brother Bartek and their drone, was able to coordinate climbers that were already on the mountain to reach Rick at around 7.30pm. The climbers brought Rick back to camp 3 in the darkness.

Rick returned to Base Camp today (12th June) safely thanks to Dan Mazur and his sherpas. After being examined by a doctor at basecamp, Rick is okay all things considered and has a few superficial cuts and some frostnip.

Sandy and Rick would like to express their sincere thanks to Kacper, Stan, Andrej and Bartek Bargel, Piotr Pablus, Dan Mazur and team, Frekrik Strang, David Roeske, Major Ramzan, Captain Kaddar and Dan's sherpas.

Sandy's friend Gordon Browning arrived at Base Camp yesterday and is enjoying the Baltoro.

Sending good vibes to the team and to all.

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