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Luca Maspes & Co summer 2006 climbing exploration


Luca Maspes & Co climb 11 new routes in Valtellina during summer 2006.

Luca Maspes, estate 2006

Luca Maspes, free from imminent expeditions to the greater ranges, spent this summer exploring the mountains and walls close to home, namely in Val Masino, Bernina and Val Grosina. The Italian Mountain Guide climbed with a close-knit group of friends or alone and produced 11 new routes during his somewhat anarchic vertical ride.

Maspes stated "many of these came about as we fled the sultry heat from the valley floor, others were completely improvised during those days in which you just want to forget about everything and explore areas you think you know well but in reality a just beginning to reveal themselves. In moments like this you blindly trust your instinct or perhaps the description of an enthusiastic friend."

TUONO, 2493m, Val di Zocca (Valmasino). 300m. 6b+/6c, partially bolted. Luca Maspes, Giovanni Ongaro, Giuliano Bordoni e Anna Ceruti (summer 2006)
I FIORI DI GIADA, S Face Sasso Maurigno, Alta Valtellina, 250m,
VI+, Luca Maspes, Giuliano Bordoni (summer 2006)
RINGHIO, SE Face Pizzo Badile, 450m, VII+ (6b+), f.a. Massimo Farina, Ezio Marlier, Hervé Barmasse and Massimo Datrino (2003); solo: Luca Maspes with exit up"Vera"(f.a. Corti & Gilardi, 1972)
TUTTO VERO, SE Face Picco Luigi Amedeo, 400m, up to VII+ with 3m of A1 on the 3rd pitch, Luca Maspes, Rossano Libera & Anna Ceruti (summer 2006). F.F.A.: Rossano Libera.
JUVERGOGNA, Pizzo Porcellizzo, 250m, VI/VI+, Luca Maspes, Rossano Libera (summer 2006)
VELOCIRAPTOR, Pizzo Cengalo, VIII-, Luca Maspes, Rossano Libera (summer 2006)
FERRO E SUNGIA, E Face 3007m (Val di Ferro), 350m, up to VI/VI+, Luca Maspes, Rossano Libera, Anna Ceruti, Giovanna Novella (summer 2006)
VIOLA BACIA TUTTI, SSE Face Cima Viola (3374 m), Val Grosina, 800m, fino al VII, Luca Maspes, Rossano Libera, Giuliano Bordoni (summer 2006)
IL TRIANGOLO D'ORO, Punta Medaccio, Val Merdarola, 210m, 6b and 3 sections of aid. Luca Maspes, Andrea Barbieri, Marco Farina & Mario Scarpa (summer 2006).
MALENCONIA, last pillar on E Face Sasso Nero, Vallone di Scerscen, 500m., up to VII, Luca Maspes (summer 2006)
KRIMINAL, Pizzo Torrone Occ., Val di Zocca, 300m. from 6a+ to 6b, bolts, joins "Gugiatti" beneath the aid pitch, Luca Maspes, Barnieri, Fabio Salini (summer 2006)
ZAKIMORT, Punta Vittoria buttress, Val di Zocca, 5 pitches , 6a+/6b, bolts, Luca Maspes, Fabio Salini (summer 2006).

Luca Maspes, estate 2006

Trevel companions
Giovanni Ongaro, Giuliano Bordoni, Anna Ceruti, Matteo Foglino, Giuliano Bordoni, Rossano Libera, Giovanna Novella, Andrea Barbieri, Marco Farina, Mario Scarpa, Barnieri, Fabio Salini.

Sponsors: Grivel, Ferrino, Mello's, Matt, Mico, Nepa, Trango

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Photos: Attempt on a trad first ascent on the Punta Bertani slabs, Val del Ferro. (photo A.Ceruti); Rossano Libera on the second pitch of "Tutto Vero", Picco Luigi Amedeo. (photo L.Maspes)





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