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  • Dent d'Hérens

    Dent d'Hérens

    Pennine Alps, Weisshorn Matterhorn Alps
    Situated in the Pennine Alps, Dent d’Hérens is far less famous than the Matterhorn to the just to the east. Its pyramidal shape is elegant and harm ...
  • Pizzo Bernina

    Pizzo Bernina

    Rhaetian Alps, Bernina Alps
    Pizzo Bernina is the easternmost fourthousander in the western Alps: due to the way its formed, it leads into a massif comprised of long ridges that e ...
  • Barre des Écrins 4101m and Dôme de Neige 4015m

    Barre des Écrins 4101m and Dôme de Neige 4015m

    Dauphinè Alps, Ècrins massif
    The highest point in the Dauphinè Alps, this beautiful pyramid dominates the glacier and is one of the most coveted ascents in the massif. Imposing, ...
  • Wildspitze


    Rhaetian Alps, Ötztaler Alps
    The climb up to Wildspitze, the highest mountain in Tyrol and the second highest in Austria, is a great choice at the start of winter when there’s l ...
  • Cima Tuckett

    Cima Tuckett

    Rhaetian Alps, Ortles Cevedale
    Cima Tuckett, also referred to as Tuckett Spitze in German, is located in the Trafoi-Thurwieser subgroup of the Ortles - Cevedale massif. It rise ...
  • Cevedale - Zufallspitze

    Cevedale - Zufallspitze

    Rhaetian Alps, Ortles Cevedale
    Mount Cevedale is one of the most popular ski mountaineering routes in the entire Ortles - Cevedale massif because it joins three valleys, Valfurva, V ...
  • Monte Pisanino - Canale delle Rose

    Monte Pisanino - Canale delle Rose

    Apennines, Apuan Alps
    Monte Pisanino is the highest mountain in the Apuan Alps and, especially in winter, is impressive from any side you look at it. Its southern flank is ...
  • Monte Sagro

    Monte Sagro

    Apennines, Apuan Alps
    Sagro is the mountain in the Apuan Alps that is the closest to the sea. From the sea it resembles a large grassy blade, and its color varies according ...
  • Monte Tambura: la Carcaraia

    Monte Tambura: la Carcaraia

    Apennines, Apuan Alps
    Monte Tambura is certainly the easiest summit in the Apuan Alps. It's a sort of large  pyramid with a triangular base formed by three ridges and ...
  • Canale Sant Anna

    Canale Sant Anna

    Dolomites, Pale di San Martino
    It seems almost impossible that there are still some little known descents in the Pale di San Martino group since this area is highly popular with mou ...
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  • Palla Bianca

    Palla Bianca

    Rhaetian Alps, Ötztaler Alps
    Great ski mountaineering itinerary that leads to the summit of the highest peak in Val Senales. This itinerary makes use of the 2 new chiarlifts resul ...
  • Adamello Tour

    Adamello Tour

    Rhaetian Alps, Adamello - Presanella
    I'm often asked which is the best way to explore the Adamello mountain chain, whether on foot or with skis. Without a shadow of doubt skis enable you ...
  • Pisgana


    Rhaetian Alps, Adamello - Presanella
    A fairy tale ski mountaineering itinerary at altitude which can be carried out in a single day when properly acclimatised. The descent onto the Pisgan ...
  • Königsspitze


    Rhaetian Alps, Ortles Cevedale
    Königsspitze in German, Gran Zebrù in Italian, this attractive, fascinating pyramid is the most beautiful mountain in the area. And, under ...
  • Pisganino


    Rhaetian Alps, Adamello - Presanella
    What can be said about one of the most famous ski touring trips in the Alps? A mere 400m ascent is followed by a more than 2000m descent, and on busy ...
  • Cima Marmotta

    Cima Marmotta

    Rhaetian Alps, Ortles Cevedale
    A classic, long itinerary. Although the ascent is not particularly demanding, the vertical height gain is considerable. ...
  • Punta San Matteo

    Punta San Matteo

    Rhaetian Alps, Ortles Cevedale
    One of the most popular, classic outings in this glacial environment. A long itinerary with significant height gain. ...
  • Sasso Vernale

    Sasso Vernale

    Dolomites, Marmolada - Cima Uomo
    Sasso Vernale is a beautiful 3000 plus meter peak that dominates the wild Vallone d'Ombrettola and its east face. The descent of this extraordinary sl ...
  • Obernberger Tribulaun

    Obernberger Tribulaun

    Rhaetian Alps, Stubai Alps
    Tribulaun of Obernberg is one of the pearls in this area. You can look on dozens of Austrian ski mountaineering guide books but there will be no trace ...
  • Calotta


    Rhaetian Alps, Adamello - Presanella
    Calotta is that beautiful, snowy peak which you can see as you look south while driving up the Alta Valle main road between Vezza d’Oglio eand P ...

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10-06-2009 di Nicholas Hobley
Sasso Vernale - Marmolada - Cima Uomo

ROUTE: Sasso Vernale
Fantastic and long outing deep into the wild Ombrettola valley. The descent is steep and exposed, not to be underestimated.

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