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The treasure map of Melloblocco 2012 drawn by Simone Pedeferri.
Photo by Melloblocco
Melloblocco 2012: Neanderthal
Photo by Melloblocco
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Melloblocco day one and the sea of new boulder problems


Melloblocco 2012 starts today and the time has come to reveal the boulder problems which are just waiting to be climbed.

Straight off: there are 120 brand new boulder problems which, added to the circa 2000 other problems in the valley, provide a playing field which is enough to satisfy even... the biggest crowds. So: all you need is a bit of imagination and you'll have plenty of space to yourselves and rocks to climb on. Even for the most demanding won't be disappointed.

The new area is at Bregolana: located between San Martino and Bagni di Masino, this area is close to the Lo Scoiattolo campsite and immediately benath the rock face called Coda del Dinosauro - the tail of the dinosaur - one of the most popular climbs in the entire Val Masino - Val di Mello. It's worth noting that this is a interesting combination of bouldering and walking, and in order to reach the right suppleness (both physical and spiritual), we recommend the walk up the old path which leads from San Martino to Bagni di Masino. Then, after having given it all in the art climbing, we recommend the pleasant linkup from Bregolana to Val di Mello which is reached via a flat and scenic, 15 minute walk. Here you can continue with another bouldering session or simply admire this valley of wonders.

Talking about natural wonders: the problems set for the "competition" are promising indeed. This year there are 18 problems in total, 9 for the women and 9 for the men. One more in both categories compared to the previous editions. How come? "Because," replied Simon Pedeferri a.k.a. the Val di Mello master route setter, "they're all so beautiful that I couldn't keep them a secret!" The scene is set for a great battle: let the games begin!

Competition boulders
A Women Virus attack Pesgunfi
B Women Miss manta Pesgunfi
C Women Quarzo liquido Campo sportivo
D Women Blackladybug Campo sportivo
E Women Mellospigolo Bregolana
F Women Il sogno di merlino Bregolana
G Women La dama del sole Bregolana
H Women Il baffo di dalì Bregolana
I Women Muschiosauro Bregolana
L Men The black bird Bagni hotel
M Men Ombre multidimensionali Bregolana
N Men Rotolone Bregolana
O Men Bestiale Bregolana
P Men Sall on me Bregolana
Q Men Astroboy Bregolana
R Men Megalodonte Campo sportivo
S Men Neandertal stand up Val di Mello
Z Men Pendragon Val di Mello

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