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Pitturina Ski Race 2014, Val Comelico
Photo by archivio Pitturina Ski Race
Pitturina Ski Race 2014, Val Comelico
Photo by archivio Pitturina Ski Race
Pitturina Ski Race 2014, Val Comelico
Photo by archivio Pitturina Ski Race
Pitturina Ski Race 2014, Val Comelico
Photo by archivio Pitturina Ski Race
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Kilian Jornet Burgada and Laetitia Roux win Pitturina Ski Race in Val Comelico


The third stage of the Scarpa ISMF Ski Mountaineering World Cup 2014 was won in Val Comelico, Italy, yesterday by Kilian Jornet Burgada and Laetitia Roux. The Spaniard Oriol Cardona Coll and Giulia Compagnoni won the Junior categories. In the Espoir categories victory went to the Swiss Jennifer Fiechter and Anton Palzer. Friday's Sprint Race was won by Josef Rottmoser and Laetitia Roux.

The spectacle of the Scarpa ISMF World Cup circuit moved to Val Comelico on the occasion of the Pitturina Ski Race. On Saturday morning the athletes, thanks to an over night snowfall, were greeted by a fairy-tale landscape with snow-covered trees and a route, winding toward Malga Melin along the Val Digon, under snow. At 9 o'clock sharp the Seniors were off, as is the tradition of the Pitturina Ski Race, skis in hand for about one hundred metres and once past the Digon torrent they slipped into them. On the first ascent – in all there were four to deal with for an altitude gain of 1,700 metres – Damian Lenzi, took the initiative and managed to gain forty seconds on his pursuers, Kilian, Bon Mardion and Reichegger. Unfortunately Lenzi's command didn't last very long because the dreaded "clog" formed under his seal skins that really slowed down his ascent. Kilian and Bon Mardion passed Lenzi, Kilian wanted his victory and began forcing the Frenchman. Behind them was the Italian captain Reichegger climbing with Pietro Lanfranchi and Anton Palzer.

In the second part of the race things did not change, Kilian continued controlling his distance from William Bon Mardion, just behind Lenzi and Reichegger. Anton Palzer overcoming Pietro Lanfranchi gained the fifth position. In the finishing area it was announced that Kilian had travelled the last kilometre in perfect solitude, the Spaniard entered the last metres of the track to the roar of the public. The speed of Kilian was such that he jumped at the finishing line. The winner stopped the clock at 1:48'56", Bon Mardion confirms the silver medal a minute behind Kilian. The fight for third place was a private affair between Damiano Lenzi and Manfred Reichegger; Damiano Lenzi crossed the finishing line first, Reichegger was fourth by one second. In fifth position was Pietro Lanfranchi. Damiano Lenzi thus becomes the new leader of the Men's Overall World Cup.

In the special Espoir classification, the German Anton Palzer once again climbs onto the highest step of the podium with Nadir Maguet and Leo Viret at his sides. Of the women the Swiss Jennifer Fiechter dominated with 1:55'42", Axelle Mollaret and Marta Garcia Farres were second and third respectively.

In the women's race Laetitia Roux was confirmed as the champion once again in front of the Swiss Maude Mathys, Sophie Dusautoir Bertrand from Andorra took the third position. The French woman closed the Pitturina Ski Race with a time of 1:46'57", Maude was behind by a little less than three minutes. Sophie Dusautoir Bertrand stopped the clock with 1:54'36".

In the Junior categories the Spaniard Oriol Cardona Coll was confirmed as champion, behind the Italian Federico Nicolini and Remi Bonnet. The winner finished the race with 1:46'57".

Of the women Giulia Compagnoni was successful in the Sprint and takes home a gold medal with a time of 1:34'20". Alba De Silvestro was second, 1'40" behind, while the French woman Sophie Mollard climbs onto the third step of the podium.

The next stage of the Scarpa IMSF circuit will be in Switzerland on 1 and 2 March in Les Diablerets.

Individual Race

1 Kilian Jornet Burgada ESP 1.48.56
2 William Bon Mardion FRA 1.50.04 0.01.07
3 Damiano Lenzi ITA 1.50.54 0.01.57
4 Manfred Reichegger ITA 1.50.55 0.01.59
5 Pietro Lanfranchi ITA 1.51.38 0.02.41
6 Anton Palzer GER 1.52.05 0.03.08
7 Lorenzo Holzknecht ITA 1.52.23 0.03.27
8 Matteo Eydallin ITA 1.52.24 0.03.28
9 Yannick Ecoeur SUI 1.52.25 0.03.29
10 Xavier Gachet FRA 1.52.37 0.03.40

1 Laetitia Roux FRA 1.46.57
2 Maude Mathys SUI 1.49.45 0.02.47
3 Bertrand Sophiedusautoir AND 1.54.36 0.07.38
4 Jennifer Fiechter SUI 1.55.42 0.08.44
5 Axelle Mollaret FRA 1.56.04 0.09.06
6 Melanie Bernier CAN 1.56.05 0.09.07
7 Valentine Fabre FRA 1.57.25 0.10.27
8 Martina Valmassoi ITA 1.57.59 0.11.02
9 Marta Garcia Farres ESP 2.00.14 0.13.17
10 Alessandra Cazzanelli ITA 2.01.41 0.14.43

Speed Race

1 Josef Rottmoser GER 3:47.83
2 Anton Palzer GER 3:52.05
3 William Bon Mardion FRA 3:57.02
4 Alexis Sevennec FRA 4:00.80
5 Marcel Theux SUI 4:01.08
6 Werner Marti SUI 4:42.44


1 Laetitia Roux FRA 3:54.85
2 Maude Mathys SUI 3:55.39
3 Melanie Bernier CAN 4:10.67
4 Sophie Dusautoir Bertrand AND 4:13.80
5 Gjert Hildegunn NOR 4:16.53
6 Marion Maneglia FRA 4:26.69

2014 Scarpa ISMF World Cup - Pitturina Ski race - Sprint Race





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