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In May 2018 Finale Ligure in NW Italy will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its first climb up a major rock face. This anniversary prompted Michele Fanni and Gabriele Canu: Finale '68. In this photo Michele deals with the second pitch of Arco dei Guaitechi at Monte Sordo.
Photo by archivio Finale '68
Rocca degli Uccelli, one of the 13 major cliffs at Finale Ligure
Photo by archivio Finale '68
Lorenzo Fanni climbing a route up Bric Scimarco at Finale, early one morning in October 2017
Photo by archivio Finale '68

Finale '68, in search of the climbing history and pioneering exploration of Finale Ligure


In order to celebrate 50 years of rock climbing at Finale Ligure in NW Italy, Michele Fanni and Gabriele Canu have started a project to retrace Finale's explorative phase that took place between 1968 and 1975. After following in the footsteps of the early pioneers up 13 major cliffs, a film and a book will be made to capture this alpine heritage and, in order to do so, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched.

In May 2018 Finale Ligure in NW Italy will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its first climb up a major rock face. This anniversary prompted Michele Fanni and Gabriele Canu to adventure onto their backyard climbs in order to discover what Finale was like in a specific time frame: between 1968 and 1975.

Following in the the footsteps of the climbing pioneers, the first ascents on 13 major cliffs that marked Finale's explorative phase will have a leading role. The journey will be documented with a film that aims to shed some light onto the area’s climbing history with a mix of interviews and climbing action. Furthermore, a travel diary will be written containing few routes and plenty of stories of climbing days of the past. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to capture this unique climbing heritage, as Michele Fanni explains in the video below.

Finale '68 by Michele Fanni
Finale '68 is a dream: a backyard adventure, a journey back in time.
Finale '68 is about listening to the pioneers and their stories, scrambling through the bushes searching for a lost path, reaching towards the horizon via legendary yet forgotten climbs
Finale '68 is the 13 main rock faces of Finale, climbing the first route to have been established on each cliff.
Final '68 was 4 nights and 5 hot days last October; 50 km on foot, 40 pitches and almost 1300 meters of climbing.
Finale '68 is an attempt to safeguard the mountaineering - exploratory period that shaped the history of this, "our" territory.
Finale '68, in May 2018, will be a film and a travel diary.
If you still haven’t understood what Finale '68 is, try and get an idea by looking at this website: www.finale68.it or on www.facebook.com/Finale68
By the way, Finale '68 has also launched a fundraising campaign, if you want to help us and support the project take a look here: www.indiegogo.com/projects/finale-68-history

The 13 major cliffs at Finale involved in the project:
1. Rocca di Corno
2. Rocca degli Uccelli
3. Bastionat di Boragni
4. Monte Cucco
5. Bric Spaventaggi
6. Bric Pianarella
7. Bric Scimarco
8. Bric Grigio
9. Bric del Frate
10. Monte Sordo
11. Rocca di Perti Nord
12. Rocca di Perti Sud-Ovest
13. Rocce dell'Orera


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Climbing video: Pietro Biagini repeats historic Ombra at Finale
Climbing video: Pietro Biagini repeats historic Ombra at Finale
Pietro Biagini repeats Ombra (8b/+), the historic sport climb freed in 1988 by Andrea Gallo at Rocca di Perti close to Finale Ligure in Italy.
Stefano Ghisolfi frees Dingo at Finale, Italy
Stefano Ghisolfi frees Dingo at Finale, Italy
At the crag Monte Sordo in Finale Ligure, Italy, Stefano Ghisolfi has made the first ascent of Dingo. The Turin-based climber suggests 8c+ for this project bolted by Andrea Gallo in 1992.
Stefano Carnati climbing Hyaena at Finale
Stefano Carnati climbing Hyaena at Finale
The video of Stefano Carnati climbing Hyaena 8b/b+ at Finale, Italy.




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