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Basilicata stray rocks climbing expedition
Photo by Federico Ravassard
Basilicata stray rocks climbing expedition: Martina Blanchet
Photo by Federico Ravassard
Basilicata Stray Rocks: Martina Blanchet, Alberto Gnerro, Federica Mingolla
Photo by Federico Ravassard
Basilicata Stray Rocks
Photo by Federico Ravassard
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Basilicata Stray Rocks, rock climbing at Pietra del Toro


Marzio Nardi introduces the video Rockslave XP 2015: discovering the rock climbing potential on the extraordinary sandstone outcrops in Lucanian Dolomites and the boulder problems at Pietra del Toro in Basilicata, Italy

We’ve been doing XP for THREE years now. Initially the guys had no idea what it was all about, now I reckon they’ve understood. They’ve understood that for a week every year, if they feel like it, they’ll give in to my fantasies, to Adriano’s ravings, to the needs of Lorenzo and Federico in order to form this small climbing army.

In a week they will climb much less than they could do in any other week elsewhere, but in the end what’s important is that what remains is a long-lasting recollection of this trip. Memories of days spent searching for boulders and brushing holds that perhaps don’t even lead to the top of a problem. Memories of places they’ll perhaps never see again, because those places have a sense of existing only on that particular occasion, and with this motley group of individuals. Climbing involves rocks, holds and lines, but also many other things that revolve around it. During these small expeditions we look little at the core and much more at what surrounds it all.

In October 2015 we stayed in Basilicata, between sand castles and phantasmagorical formations, between problems on someone’s house door or up  sandstone towers that defy the laws of gravity.  In a week we have gave a shape to our climbing, now it's your turn!

by Marzio Nardi

Basilicata XP 2015: Marzio Nardi, Adriano Trombetta, Lorenzo Bona, Federico Ravassard, Martina Blanchet, Federica Mingolla, Alberto Gnerro, Alessandro Palma, Luca Andreozzi, Alberto Gotta

Basilicata Stray Rocks


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Basilicata: searching for climbing's Never Never land. By Marzio Nardi
Basilicata: searching for climbing's Never Never land. By Marzio Nardi
Marzio Nardi reports about Rock Slave XP 2015, the climbing trip to Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa and the Lucane Dolomites in Basilicata, Souther Italy. A journey inspired by the famous book "Mezzogiorno di pietra" published in 1985 by Alessandro Gogna.




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