Climbing Technology: Gifts for climbing the Christmas Tree

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Climbing Technology
Climbing Technology

Mountaineering just like climbing is a physical activity that reduces stress, increases self-esteem and has benefits on the mind and body. It is for these reasons that in recent years this sport has seen an increase in the number of climbers as well as new climbing gyms opening their doors. While waiting for the warmer weather in the spring to resume outdoor climbing, climbers can plan their outings for next year and take some time to choose the perfect Christmas presents. Climbing Technology has got all the right gifts to put under your Christmas tree with its range of safe, simple and functional devices to choose from for all enthusiasts of the vertical world.

For all ice climbing and mountaineering enthusiasts, CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY has developed the NORTH COULOIR, a technical ice axe for frozen waterfalls, north faces and gullies. The light and precisely balanced ice axe is suitable for both male and female use. The blade is interchangeable and is characterized by its shaped profile that guarantees optimal hooking and penetration into the ice. The Impact Hammer which is supplied but not mounted can be installed onto the ice axe. It is also equipped with two supports: the first (Change Over) makes switching hands easy and the second (Bumper) offers support to the hand and discharges weight onto the axe. The light alloy handle is characterized by the shape and length specifically designed to adapt to the various morphologies of ice and the ergonomic moulded grip has been designed for greater efficiency when used in traction. The steel hook has a hole in where a carabiner or an elastic ice axe sling can be positioned, to attach the ice axe to the harness. The NORTH COULOIR is particularly versatile: the entirely modular head can be adapted with various accessories for different activities on technical ice and mixed terrain, including the Mixte interchangeable blade (for use on mixed routes, with a pronounced angle for greater accuracy on the rock), the Adze shovel (for digging in the snow and cleaning edges) and the Hammer (for placing pitons).
Length: 50cm
Weight: 530 grams

CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY has designed the HYPER-SPIKE to take on the steepest and most difficult ice and mixed walls. A modular and hybrid technical crampon with 13-points capable of adapting to every need. It’s equipped with two interchangeable front points, the HOOK and the BLADE, which allow you to configure the crampon in different ways depending on your needs. There are three possible configurations: mono-point with the BLADE point (for technical mixed routes or for dry-tooling), the mono-point with the single HOOK point (for frozen waterfalls when efficiency and precision is required) and the dual-point with a dual HOOK point (for big walls with snow and ice or on frozen waterfalls when it is necessary to have a greater surface for support). The technical toothed front points on the HYPER-SPIKE have been perfectly designed to hook onto anything and everything in all directions and have different lengths so as to make the support more stable and ergonomic. The rear flaps on the heel piece and the shaped front part ensure precise positioning of the boot on the crampon and the double lever size adjustment system can be easily used even with one hand. Made of tempered steel.

SIRIO is a lightweight, compact and ventilated helmet designed for mountaineering, rock and ice climbing. Extremely comfortable and stable once it is on thanks to a close-fitting design, this helmet has been constructed with In-Mould technology: the inner is in EPS, with breathable, absorbent internal padding, easy to wash; while the shell is in PC. The helmet features two large openings for enhanced ventilation, two clips for headlamp mounting and a rear elastic band that is compatible with the headband of ski goggles. Available in two sizes: 52-57 cm and 58-62 cm.
Weight: 220 g (52-57cm version)

Over 30 years of experience, a strong passion for their work and a particular attention to the design and production of all personal protective equipment. This is where Climbing Technology's products come from, derived from the brand's expertise developed for three different fields: the mountain, with mountaineering and sport climbing, the professional world - with work at height, rope work and rescue - and the recreational sector, with via ferratas and adventure parks. Constant research into innovative solutions has enabled the company to create devices capable of meeting the most advanced technical and sporting requirements. Safety, functionality and simplicity: these are the characteristics to which the products in the CT catalogue must respond. The company's research and development activities are constant and the company has registered 20 patents at international level.
Climbing Technology, a company founded in Cisano Bergamasco by Carlo Paglioli in 1986, became part of the Skylotec family in the mid-2021 and currently employs 115 people and exports to 70 countries worldwide.

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Climbing Technology, by Aludesign SpA, has 35 years of experience in the production of personal protective equipment at an international level.

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