Climbing Technology Avista - single-buckle climbing harness

Light and ergonomic single-buckle climbing harness, developed for high-level sport climbing and competitions.
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Climbing Technology Avista
Climbing Technology

The AVISTA harness is CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY’s new extremely light and ergonomic single-buckle technical harness, developed for high-level sport climbing and competitions. The anatomical construction has been designed to ensure excellent fit and freedom of movement: including the innovative seamless and compact belay loop and the leg loops that have been designed with an ultra-light elastic support that can be adjusted with a single hand.

Climbing Technology imbracatura arrampicata Avista

The shape and size of the leg loops enables excellent load distribution and the special fabric triangulation on the leg loops further improves comfort. The tying-in points have been reinforced and include a wear and tear indicator, it has two large rigid front gear loops characterized by their special inclination as well as two soft and flexible rear gear loops and a rear loop for accessories. Thanks to its soft and flexible structure it is easy to stow away.

Weight: 290 g size M


Climbing Technology, by Aludesign SpA, has 35 years of experience in the production of personal protective equipment at an international level.