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13.11.2014 by Teddy Soppelsa in Interviews

Ivan Peri reaches Monte Carlo after walking for 80 days Across the Alps

The interview with Ivan Peri on reaching Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco, and his traverse across the Alps in 80 days. By Teddy Soppelsa for Good For Alps, magazine AKU trekking & outdoor footwear

15.10.2014 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Tom Ballard, climbing in his veins

Interview with talented British climber and alpinist Tom Ballard.

22.07.2014 by Maurizio Oviglia in Interviews

Michel Piola interview: climbing on Mont Blanc, the search and the story that continues

The fabulous world of Babette, or rather Mont Blanc's marvelous granite climbing, starting from Envers des Aiguilles. Interview with Michel Piola, one of the most prolific alpinists in the world who, in more than 30 years of activity, has left an indelible mark on climbing. His routes are considered priceless, thanks to their intrinsic beauty and the style of their first ascent, above all in the Mont Blanc massif where even today the climbs are considered an important test for all generations of alpinists. In this rare interview with Maurizio Oviglia, Piola talks about his climbing and his continuous search for unclimbed lines.

16.07.2014 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Alexander Megos, interview after his ascent of Biographie at Ceüse

Interview with German climber Alexander Megos after his recent one-day redpoint of Biographie 9a+ at Ceuse in France.

19.05.2014 by Planetmountain in Interviews

David Lama, Cerro Torre and the Compressor route

Interview with Austrian alpinist David Lama two years after the first free ascent of the Compressor route on Cerro Torre, Patagonia, carried out with Peter Ortner in January 2012.

15.05.2014 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Mélissa Le Nevé, the Wallstreet interview

Interview with French climber Melissa Le Nevé after the first female ascent of Wallstreet, the 8c first climbed in 1987 by Wolfgang Güllich in Frankenjura, Germany.

06.05.2014 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Alexander Megos, the Action Directe Frankenjura interview

Interview with German sports climber Alexander Megos after his two-hour repoint of Action Directe, Wolfgang Güllich's 9a in the Frankenjura, Germany.

19.04.2014 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Everest avalanche: interview with Simone Moro

Interview with Simone Moro after the tragic avalanche on Everest on 18 April 2014 that caused the deaths of at least 13 Sherpa.

10.04.2014 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Simone Pedeferri - behind the scenes of Melloblocco 2014

Interview with Simone Pedeferri, the man who leads the group of route setters who unearth and prepare the new problems and areas for the Melloblocco bouldering event in Val di Mello - Val Masino, Italy.

10.04.2014 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Bernardo Gimenez photography interview. Observing the mountains #2

Interview with Argentine photographer Bernardo Gimenez who has made the mountains, rock climbing and alpinism are his favourite photo set. By Marco Ferrario.

07.04.2014 by Vinicio Stefanello in Interviews

Hervé Barmasse, interview after the first winter enchainment of the 4 Matterhorn ridges

On Thursday 13 March Hervé Barmasse made the first winter solo enchainment of the four Matterhorn ridges in winter, as well as the first winter solo ascent of the Furggen Ridge via the overhangs. The interview.

28.03.2014 by Daniela Zangrando in Interviews

Coffee break #0

The numerous facets of alpinism, that go beyond mountaineering, encountered when you lease expect it. The first act by Daniela Zangrando with her Coffee break, a space to let thoughts and fantasies fluctuate within these free moments of rest.

14.03.2014 by Marco Ferrario in Interviews

Erri De Luca interview. Observing the mountains #1

Interview with Erri De Luca about his particular way of observing the mountains, from climbing to alpinism. By Marco Ferrario.

24.02.2014 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold: the great Fitz Roy traverse interview

Interview with Americans Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold who from 12 - 16 February 2014 carried out the coveted first traverse of the major ridge line of Fitz Roy in Patagonia.

04.02.2014 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Adam Ondra, interview after First Round First Minute repeat at Margalef

Interview with Adam Ondra after his repeat of First Round First Minute, the 9b sport climb freed by Chris Sharma at Margalef, Spain.

21.01.2014 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Alex Honnold and the El Sendero Luminoso interview

Interview with American rock climber Alex Honnold who on 14 January soloed El Sendero Luminoso (7b+, 500m) up El Toro, Potrero Chico, Mexico.

10.01.2014 by Planetmountain in Interviews

James Pearson, the Is not always Pasqua climbing interview

Interview with James Pearson after the first ground-up repeat of Is not always Pasqua E9 at Collina di Interprete (Monti Sibillini, Marche, Italy) and the first ascent of Pazienza E8 7a.

06.12.2013 by Nicholas Hobley in Interviews

Adam Ondra and Vasil Vasil, the third 9b+ interview

Interview with Czech climber Adam Ondra after his first ascent of Vasil Vasil 9b+ at Sloup in the Czech Republic. This is Ondra's third 9b+ after Change and La Dura Dura.

27.11.2013 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Ueli Steck, Annapurna, alpinism and solo ascents: video interview by Hervè Barmasse

Video interview with Ueli Steck, conducted by Hervè Barmasse, after the historic solo ascent of the Annapurna South Face (8091m, Himalaya, Nepal) on 9 October 2013.

27.09.2013 by Planetmountain in Interviews

New route up Monte Sarmiento East: the second after this historic 1956 first ascent by Mauri and Maffei

Interview with Chilean alpinist Camilo Rada after the first ascent, carried out with Natalia Martinez from Argentina, of a new route up the North Face of Monte Sarmiento in Patagonia. Suerte de Sarmiento is only the second route to the East summit after the first ascent carried out by Clemente Maffei and Carlo Mauri in 1956.




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