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King of Dolomites 2015 - San Martino di Castrozza
Photo by archive King of Dolomites
Pro: 3 Riky Felderer, Paolo Marrazzi, Lorenzo Munari
Photo by King of Dolomites 2014
Wannabes: 2 I Krumiri
Photo by King of Dolomites 2014
Pro: 1 Pietro Celesia, Daniel Perathoner, Massimo Chicco
Photo by King of Dolomites 2014
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King of Dolomites 2015 at San Martino di Castrozza


From 18 - 22 February 2015 San Martino di Castrozza (Dolomites) will host the third edition of King of Dolomites, the two-day photo contest to shoot the most beautiful freeride photo of the Dolomites.

The third edition of King of Dolomites is set to take place in the Italian Dolomites from 18 - 22 February 2015. This photo competition is centered on the world of backcountry skiing, ie. freeride skiing, telemark skiing and snowboarding and just like the first two editions it will be held at San Martino di Castrozza. The aim is as simple as it is ambitious: capture the most evocative shot of freeride skiing in the Dolomites.

The contest formula is simple, and in front of and behind the lenses the photographs and riders are split into three categories: PRO, WANNABES, and WANNA-BABIES (Under 16). While the categories WANNABES and WANNA-BABIES are open to everybody, as the name suggests the PRO category is reserved to 14 teams of professional photographers and riders.

PRO and WANNABES will have two days to take the most fascinating shots, while the WANNA-BABIES will be challenged in 3 different disciplines: a ski workshop accompanied by the Mountain Professionals, a Mini Photo Contest and a safety workshop focusing on rescue beacon search. The King of each category will be proclaimed on Sunday afternoon by a select jury comprised of journalists and photographers.

Apart from the actual contest, the meeting also includes a series of side events, starting on Wednesday 18 February with the Dolomite stage of the Winter Film Tour 2015 organised by the Adventure Awards Days, followed by storytelling workshop with Emilio Previtali, Freeride Satety Workshop, the test village with equipment provided by participating manufacturers and the freeride evening with Giulia Monego.

Info: www.kingofdolomites.com

TEAM 1 // Alex Buisse, Jimmy Sesana, Francis Kelsey
TEAM 2 // Lorenzo Rieg, Johannes Hoffmann, Hanna Finkel
TEAM 3 // Damiano Levati, Giulia Monego, Bruno Compagnet
TEAM 4 // Zoya Lynch, Izzy Lynch, Stan Rey
TEAM 5 // Stefan Schlumpf, Ane Enderud, Lucas Swieykowski
TEAM 6 // Leander Nardin, Didi Grafl, Andy Razic
TEAM 7 // Pietro Celesia, Massimo Chicco, Daniel Perathoner
TEAM 8 // Troels Iversen, Martin Schober, Andreas Herbst
TEAM 9 // Daniele Molineris, Giuliano BordoniS, tefano Munari
TEAM 10 // Ashley Barker (from DWPC) + 2 Riders
TEAM 11 // Guy Fattal, Michael Durstberger, Lukas Reittner
TEAM 12 // Marius Schwager, Sebastian Friesl, Tobias Huber
TEAM 13 // Christoph Oberschneider, Matthias Aigner, Tobias Wohlmanstetter
TEAM 14 // Anton Brey, Christian Joseph, Josef Rottmoser





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