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Melloblocco 2007
Photo by phot8c+ - Piscina/Neonati
Melloblocco 2007
Photo by phot8c+ - Piscina/Neonati
Bagni di Masino
Photo by arch. Melloblocco
San Martino
Photo by Melloblocco

Melloblocco 2008 record number of registered climbers


The fifth Melloblocco, the world's largest bouldering meeting, takes place in Val Masino from 08 - 11 May 2008. A record breaking 1699 climbers have already signed up for the event.

As we go to press 1699 climbers have pre-registered for the Melloblocco 2008. Or rather, by the time you read this perhaps the incredible 1700 mark has been reached. This is a record in absolute terms and beautiful confirmation of the fact that the event has obviously captured the imagination of climbers worldwide. It's also fantastic confirmation for this sport in general, full stop.

Some outstanding climbers have registered these include, amongst others, double Lead World Champion Tomas Mrazek (CZE), Bouldering World Champion Mauro Calibani, World Cup winners Jerome Meyer (FRA) and Muriel Sarkany (BEL), the strongest on-sighter in the world Patxi Usobiaga (ESP) and rising star Adam Ondra (CZE).

Melloblocco 2008 information factsheet
The team of route setters
A merciless spring has put the route setters to the test but they've pulled off the impossible. Guided once again by Simon Pedeferri, the extremely strong all-rounder and member of the historical Ragni di Lecco climbing group, the other members include Mario Vannuccini, the Gigiat the mountain guides, Andrea Pavan (author of the recently published Mello Boulder climbing guidebook), Andrea Barbieri, Francesco Piovesan and members of the ERSAF Forestry service.

The four meeting areas
Much effort has gone into preparing the 4 areas destined for Melloblocco 2008. After the long winter break and as soon as the snow started to melt off the mountain slopes the route setters got to work preparing Val di Mello with hundreds of problems and the competition boulders. More details below:

Bagni di Masino
This is the first of the two taster areas. Circa 70 boulders problems have been set close to the old thermal baths. Some of these problems are new, others have simply been cleaned in this truly diverse setting comprised of fairytale boulders in a land of untold beauty. Another 50 new problems have been prepared at the new Bagni2 area and this too breathes a rarefied atmosphere of moss and ancient tress which cast long shadows onto some of the 14 competition boulders, of which 7 have been prepared especially for the women.

San Martino
The small San Martino village is the focal point of Melloblocco 2008. San Martino is where the climbers bar and climbing shop is located and wedged in between the stone houses a pearl awaits climbers and tourists alike: a fantastic competition boulder. Hidden in a side alley, you'll first have to hunt it down like in a treasure hunt! It'll be a unique spectacle, watching the walking crashpads trudge up the narrow streets in front of an increasingly curious crowd.

Collinetta, the new entry
The real news for Melloblocco 2008 can been seen from the car park and the bars: La Colinetta. Although climbers refer to this hill as La Colinetta, this area is actually called "La Mota", which translates as goat without horns. From the southern end of the car park reach these splendid meadows after a mere 5 minute walk. Green grass and thick turf make this ideal for families and idle picnics. The result of recent route setting are 150 new problems (in addition to the existing 25), many of which are easy, some still need to be freed while others are part of the competition. Colinetta is destined to become extremely popular thanks to the fact that it is completely new, extremely beautiful, easy to get to and close to bus stop for Val di Mello, Bagni di Masino and the Sasso di Remenno area. No doubt climbers will be here at all times of day, warming up while they wait for the shuttle buses or warming down in the evening.

Sasso Remenno area
Last but by no means least, the Sasso Remenno area with its 400+ problems, well known to all those who took part in the 2007 event.

In short: 4 areas, circa 1000 boulders and circa 260 new problems!

Thursday 8 May '08
21:00 - video Melloblocco, editions 2004, 2005, 2006 e 2007
21:15 - new guidebook presentation "Mello Boulder" by Andrea Pavan, Ed. Versante Sud
21:45 - Talk-show "Route setting at the Melloblocco"
22:15 - Film "Rubare metri al cielo", by Federico Guarini and Enrico Verra, a bouldering documentary which stars Marzio Nardi, Cristian Core, Mauro Calibani, Gabriele Moroni, Stefania De Grandi, Giovanna Pozzoli, Claudia Battaglia and many more. Presented at the Trento film festival 2007, the 33-minute video won the Cervin Mountain Festival 2007
23:00 - video Melloblocco, editions 2004, 2005, 2006 e 2007

Friday 9 May '08
21:00 - video Melloblocco, editions 2004, 2005, 2006 e 2007
21:15 - Film "Dove finisce la terra", presented by director Marzio Nardi and Mauro Calibani.
21:45 - Talk-show about the Melloblocco 2008 boulders with some of the the strongest climbers
22:15 - Andrew Earl and Percy Bishton present "Of the area around where we live", a hard grit boudlering video about climbing in England
23:00 - video Melloblocco, editions 2004, 2005, 2006 e 2007.





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